Waterproof Childrens Boots

Waterproof Childrens Boots

Picking the best kids’ gumboots can be tricky! You need comfort, kid-friendly style, and a wellie your child will be happy to wear, but also a boot that is tough, waterproof, long-lasting and kind to the earth.

Merry People specialises in exceptional quality rain boots crafted from natural, 100% vegan rubber, with a huge array of precision design features and functions that are made for little feet, from cheerful, bright colours to pull tabs that are wide enough for small hands to grip and pull.

We’ll explain how to wear rain boots for kids, the contrasts between various waterproof materials, and how to choose a pair of wellies that will keep your child’s feet warm, comfy, and active all day long.

Eco-Friendly Kids Gumboot Materials

Conventional gumboot boots are often made with a synthetic PVC material or blend, which is lightweight, waterproof, and widely available – but it won’t last for all the merry adventures you want to take! So, why do we produce kids' rain boots from natural rubber?

Waterproof Childrens Boots

Natural rubber is a material extracted from trees and plants, a fantastic, versatile, and hardworking material. It stretches to fit the shape of your child's foot, with a smooth, supple, and skin-friendly texture ideal for sensitive toes. Many kids dislike wearing waterproof boots because they are stiff and create blisters and sore spots on heels and calves, which is eliminated by using natural rubber and a protective neoprene lining.

Making Childrens Gumboots Last Longer

Every parent will know that kids' feet never seem to stop growing, and replacing their gumboots every winter can become expensive! Our Bobbi Kids gumboots are designed to last, and although you might need a larger size at some point, the stretch and elasticity in the boots mean they won't become too tight or restrictive within a few short months.

The features within each pair of boots provide excellent value for money and are a good choice for children with wider soles or who find standard gumboots uncomfortable to wear. You can also extend the lifespan of your kiddo’s waterproof boots by giving them a quick clean after muddy play dates, storing them away from direct sunlight, or applying a protective spray to improve the suppleness of the rubber to prevent it from drying out after exposure to mud and rain.

The Importance of Waterproof Boots for Kids

Rain boots are a go-to on rainy, wet days, but even during drier weather, you may find that puddles and dampness in parks, play areas, and woodlands means fabric trainers and other kids' shoes become saturated. Wet feet can cause no end of problems, from chills and discomfort to blistering, bacteria growth, and pain, so choosing a pair of kids' rain boots that are 100% waterproof rather than water resistant is absolutely worth it.

Some kids' outdoor boots aren't made from a true waterproof material but are treated with a waterproof coating which breaks down over time or stops being effective once the shoes are washed. Picking a great pair of gumboots, tested rigorously to sub-zero temperatures and with an insulative, warm, neoprene lining means your child can jump in every puddle without any sign of cold toes or sore feet.

How to Choose Childrens' Waterproof Rain Boots

There are tons of choices, and we recommend prioritising the following when selecting the right waterproof boots for your child:

  • Colours and shades they will love – an Alpine Green or Mustard are very merry colours!
  • Flexible materials that stretch – this prevents the typical rubbing and chafing kids experience when wearing stiff plastic boots
  • Fully waterproof boots rather than water-resistant footwear are your best bet
  • Pull tabs promote independence and encourage your child to put on and take off their gumboots by themselves
  • Support and warmth – these come with boots that are light enough for everyday wear but that aren't flimsy and unsupportive

Merry People Kids Boots meet every one of these requirements, with the benefit of an added traction sole design to help prevent slipping and sliding during play and running!

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