How to Wear Rain Boots for Kids

How to Wear Rain Boots for Kids

A great pair of gumboots for kids are ideal for jumping in puddles, venturing to school, and keeping small toes warm and dry in cold weather – but if you’re unsure which material is good for school shoes or need guidance on rain boot sizing, it can be tricky to know which boots are the best option!

Merry People waterproof children's boots are engineered for durability, comfort, and style, with a rainbow of colours to choose from. So, let’s take a look at the features, sizing, and fit of our Bobbi kids range – designed specifically for children!

Kids’ Rain Boot Sizing and Fit

If you’ve ever come across stiff inflexible in childrens gumboots that cause rubbing – you’re in luck! Our childrens gumboots are ready to wear – no thick socks needed! – so we suggest choosing the regular shoe size your child wears rather than sizing up to accommodate thick socks. The combination of natural rubber and neoprene is tested to sub-zero temperatures, so it will keep feet dry and warm, regardless of how low the temperature dips!

Wanting to check your size? You'll find a complete size guide with measurements in centimetres and inches, with comparable UK, EU and Australian shoe sizes or indicative ages to ensure that you can order your gumboots with absolute confidence they will fit your child's feet perfectly.

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Styling Children's Gumboots

If you have a child who enjoys their own unique sense of style, we know that it can be difficult to persuade them to swap their favourite trainers or sparkly sandals for gumboots! But with gorgeous shades from Dusty Pink to bright Mustard, our boots appeal to all ages.

Kids can slip these gumboots on and off independently, with pull tabs at the front and back, which means you can keep them handy for sudden downpours, slip them over tights and leggings, or tuck jeans and trousers into their flexible upper material. Their bold, energetic colours are suited to any occasion, from forest school to beach walks!

Buying Gumboots for Growing Kids

First, measure their feet carefully, following our handy size guide. Think about a snug fit, not too tight, not too loose – just right. If your kids have growing feet, we recommend sizing up! 

Our kids boots are 100% rubber, so they are supportive and robust, with just the right balance of foot protection without being too heavy for longer walks or days out and about.

Investing in a superb pair of rubber gum boots ensures your kids will get far greater wear from each pair, with the natural elasticity shaping and stretching around the foot.

Caring for Childrens Rubber Gumboots

The easiest way to ensure your kid's gumboots last is to store them away from direct sunlight and clean them after muddy walks – a mild detergent or the cleaning spray from our care kit is perfect! Cleaning removes marks and prevents the colours from fading, as dirt and oil residues from the road can dry out the rubber.

Another option is to pick up a silicone outdoor boot spray to keep your boots merrier for longer! The rubber spray from our care kit will help to keep the rubber supple and smooth, and will stop it from drying out or cracking after a busy winter of outdoor adventures.

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