About Us

We empower our customers to embrace all their fun and unknown adventures. To feel ones most confident and happy self -  even if it is wild and stormy outside.

Our story began over 3 years ago on a green and wet farm 2 hours south of Melbourne, Australia.  Founder Dani Holloway grew up wearing gumboots as a part of her daily footwear attire before moving to Melbourne and exchanging her gumboots for stilettos in a corporate job.  Dani found during winter, she continually had wet stockings and dishevelled shoes on her morning commutes.

Seeking a good quality pair of gumboots that were functional but also understated for her corporate office. Dani decided to take a chance of going down the pathway of designing her own perfect gumboot. 

"For me gumboots ignite a child-like feeling of freedom, bravery & happiness,  where one can confidently slosh through the grass and happily embrace whatever obstacle is ahead." - Dani Holloway 

 Our gumboots are PETA approved // No animal products are used to make our products nor do we perform any testing on animals.