Weather related

Can you wear gumboots in the snow?

Yes, we get a lot of customers wearing our Bobbi gumboots to the snow! The Bobbi gumboots have been tested in sub-zero climate and are 100% waterproof (including the neoprene on the side panels). They were not designed to be a snow boot, so you can purchase a product called ice grips or traction spray if you think you may need more grip. 

How to dry gumboots? (Aghh - so annoying!)  

Use a small hand towel to pat down as much as you can. You can use a hair dryer to point inside the boots for a few seconds at a time. Stuff the inside of the boots with newspaper (put as much as you can in there), place the boots (with the newspaper inside) somewhere warm, inside and upside down.  After 24 hours, remove the moist newspaper and repeat the process again (and again) until dry.

Are gumboots waterproof?

Yes, our Merry People gumboots are 100% waterproof (and the sides are neoprene so also waterproof.)

Fabrication & Fit

Do I need to go up a size from my normal shoe size?

Bobbi Gumboots - No, we recommend you order your normal shoe size.

Rosey Gumboots - Yes, the boots run a little small in sizing (different sizing to the bobbi gumboots), so recommend to go up a size. The rosey gumboots are a little thinner (so you do feel the cold), so a thicker sock does help. 

What is the difference between the Bobbi and the Rosey Gumboots?

The bobbi gumboots are an everyday, durable gumboot with arch support. They can be worn in sub-zero temperatures. 

The rosey boots are more of a light weight gumboot to get outside (slightly more of a fashion boot.) Have a thinner sole, with not a lot of arch support - so will wear through quicker if worn every day. Great to have at the back door to slip on easily to get outside. 

What are gumboots made of? 

Our boots are made with 100% natural rubber with a 4mm neoprene lining.  The bobbi gumboots have cotton pull on tags. 

Are your boots vegan?

Yes - our gumboots are 100% Vegan. A lot of our boots/shoes are made using glues that contain animal products, however we use a vegan glue.

What is the width of the boots - can you stretch gumboots?

Yes - Natural Rubber does stretch.

The boots are initially a little snug, but if you have wider feet - they will soften and stretch over time (more so with the bobbi gumboots).  The lining of our gumboots include a 4mm neoprene. Neoprene does have similar properties to memory foam so will mould and soften to your feet over time. The rubber on the outside does also soften if you have wider feet or bunions.  

Can I put orthotics inside the boots?

Yes, there is an inner sole inside the boots that can be taken out. If it doesn’t feel right, you can always return to us for a full refund - click here to go to the exchanges process.


Where are your boots made?

Our boots are made at a family owned factory in China.  We have close relationship with the factory and visit very regularly. The workers are treated well and paid in line with the local wages. (Click on video below to watch how our gumboots are made.) 

How long will your boots last for?

You will get wear and tear on the boots (especially if you are wearing them everyday in the outback, or for work purposes.) 

If you have any issues around the workmanship or material defects within 1 year of purchase, we will replace for you. (If your exact order has sold out or been discontinued, we will replace with the closest available.)

Any further questions on this, please email us at support@merrypeople.com


How much for international shipping?

$11 AUD. However, you may be subject to incoming taxes from your country. This sometimes does happen with UK & EU orders, however not always (strangely). Please check with your local incoming customs to check what taxes you may need to pay on arrival. We will not cover these charges. 

Yikes, I need my boots today! Can you help me out?

In Australia, we are working on same day delivery for Melbourne and Sydney (Metro only) with our fulfilment partner (Australia Post), however at the moment the best we can do is express post, 1-2 days. Have a look at our stockists, hopefully there is one near you! You can also email us, support@merrypeope.com. We sometimes have stock in our office (just check with us first) we might be able to help you out to pick up on the same day. We are pretty central, just near parliament station in the Melbourne CBD.



Click below to see what our factory looks like and how our gumboots are made!