Your Tully Questions, Answered!

Your Tully Questions, Answered!
At Merry People, we know that great adventures begin with the right fit! Whether you're splashing into puddles or adventuring through the city, your boots should be a merry, comfortable companion.

In this blog, we'll share valuable insights and tips to help you find the perfect size that ensures your Merry People boots fit like a dream. No more guessing or discomfort – let's dive into the world of sizing and ensure you're ready to step out with confidence!


Q: How do I care for and clean my Tully Boots?
To clean your Tully Boots, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth, and keep the rubber moisturised with rubber boot spray. Allow them to air dry naturally. Find out how to care for the natural rubber to keep your boots merrier for longer.

Q: Can the Tully be paired with different outfits?
Definitely! The Tully Boot's versatile design makes it a great match for various outfits, from casual jeans to dresses or skirts. Its chunky heel and platform style add a unique touch to any ensemble 

Q: Can we look forward to more Tully colour combinations?
A: Absolutely! As Tully joins the Merry family of boots and clogs, we're cooking up exciting plans for more colours. Not wanting to wait? With four distinct colour combos already out in the wild - Plum, Sunshine, Black and Teal - there's a Tully for everyone!

2 girls with black and green tullys

Q: What size Tullys should I order?
 Keep it simple – Tullys follow the true-to-size rule. Just order your regular shoe size. The inner sole measurements of Tully Boot mirror the Bobbi Boot, ensuring a comfortable fit. The recycled PU footbed also delivers lasting underfoot support. Find your size.

Q: Is the boot opening wider on Tully?
 Yes! Tully's boot opening is crafted from neoprene material, providing a flexible fit that many of you in our Merry community has called curvy-calf-friendly!

Q: How much higher is the Tully Boot's heel compared to the Bobbi Boot?
 Tully's chunky heel stands 12mm taller than the Bobbi Boot's, giving you a bold platform-style sole and a touch of 90s vibes.

Q: How does the Tully Boot compare to other Merry People styles?
 While the Tully Boot shares some features with the classic Bobbi Boot, such as arch support and neoprene lining, its higher heel, extended neoprene lining, and unique style set it apart as a distinctive option in the Merry People lineup. 

Q: Is Tully considered an ankle boot?
A: Absolutely! Tully shares the ankle boot category with the Bobbi. However, thanks to its extended neoprene lining, Tully offers 2.5cm more ankle coverage. That means extra protection on rainy days!

Q: Does the Tully Boot offer arch support?
 Yes, the Tully Boot, like the Bobbi Boot, is designed with arch support to ensure comfort even during extended wear.

Q: Can the Tully Boot be worn in colder temperatures?
 Yes, definitely! The Tully Boot features an enhanced traction sole and has been tested for below-freezing temperatures, making it a suitable choice for colder and wetter conditions.

3 colors of the tully boot

Q: What material is the Tully Boot made of?
The Tully Boot is made from a blend of materials, such as natural rubber and neoprene lining, which ensure both 100% waterproofing and comfort. We're also taking steps towards a more sustainable boot design by introducing:

  • A rubber upper crafted from FSC Certified rubber
  • 20% recycled rubber used in the outsole composition
  • A removable innersole that consists of 85% recycled PU

Q: Is the Tully Boot heavier than the Bobbi?
Yes, slightly. Tully's chunky heel adds a touch more weight compared to the Bobbi. The good news is that it does not compromise style or your comfort!

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