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Merry People x Happy Glamper

Merry People x Happy Glamper - Merry People

We recently packed up our cars, put on our sunnies, our wide brim hats and drove down to Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula for a getaway with Happy Glamper.

We had never been glamping before, so it was a new experience for all.  

When we arrived at the campsite our tents were already magically set up! Inside there was a queen-size bed (Yes, an actual bed that was elevated from the ground) a fridge, a power board, fresh towels, games, deck chairs and a heater. The fit-out was super cute with a boho country style. 

Because we were on a campsite we had access to BBQs, toilets and showers. You can organise glamping in other locations, including other camping spots where you're allowed to have a campfire. (We personally LOVE campfires - so would recommend doing that if if you're interested in the experience.) 

We spent our afternoon down the beach with some wine, snacks and our drone! Again our friends from La Sierra came along for the adventure. 

If you have never been camping before, but want to dabble in the outdoors - we highly recommend starting with glamping.  You literally only need to bring your clothes, toiletries, some food and cooking utensils!  

Enjoy the outdoors, then climb into a super comfy and warm bed! 

Click here to visit Happy Glamper and learn more. 


tent interior

 white dress and yellow boots infront of the tenttalking beside the tent

the team sitting by the tent wearing black boots

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