Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Merry People Boots

Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Merry People Boots
At Merry People, we know that great adventures begin with the right fit! Whether you're splashing into puddles or adventuring through the city, your boots should be a merry, comfortable companion.

In this blog, we'll share valuable insights and tips to help you find the perfect size that ensures your Merry People boots fit like a dream. No more guessing or discomfort – let's dive into the world of sizing and ensure you're ready to step out with confidence!

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True To Size

Our clogs and boots are designed to fit true to size, so go ahead and order your regular shoe size. The size guide on the product page (see each page according to the product above!) displays innersole measurements, making it simple to compare with your existing shoes.

If you're a half-size, no problem! For those in-between sizes, opt for the smaller size.


All Merry People boots and clogs feature removable innersoles, making it a breeze to add your orthotics or special inserts. Our top tip? Ensure the orthotic's length matches the Merry People innersole for a snug fit.

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Flex And Comfort

Our boots soften as you wear them, so don't worry if they feel snug initially. The rubber will flex with time and wear, and the neoprene lining will mold to your feet, like memory foam

How Do I Find My Size In Merry People Products?

  • Bobbi Ankle Boot: The perfect everyday boot with arch support, sturdy natural rubber, and a traction sole tested for frigid conditions. Find your size here.
  • Darcy Mid-Calf Boot: Packed with support and style, the Darcy features an adjustable rear gusset and a trusty traction sole. Find your size here.
  • Billie Clog: Embrace comfort at home and in the garden with this slip-on alternative to the Bobbi boot. Enhanced traction and neoprene lining make it a go-to. Find your size here.
  • Tully Boot: Elevate your look with the Tully boot's chunky sole and platform-style heel. It boasts the same traction and waterproof features as the Bobbi. Find your size here.
  • Kids Boots: Little feet deserve the best too! Our kids' boots mirror the adults' Bobbi boot, complete with added support and extra grip. Find your size here.

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Looking For A Wider Fit?

Our boots are made to the standard B width, but we have had many Merry customers tell us that our boots are perfect for curvier calves! We're here to help if you need further sizing advice.

Use Volumental To 3D Scan For Your Best Fit

We’ve introduced Volumental's innovative foot scanning technology to our Bobbi Boot and Billie Clog products. This app integrates 3D scanning and intelligent algorithms to provide accurate foot measurements.

Using the app is straightforward:

  • Pick Your Product: On your phone or desktop, head to the Bobbi Boot or Billie Clog of your choice
  • Tap Volumental: Select the Volumental button on the product page (On phones, you’ll be prompted to allow the camera, on desktops you’ll see a QR code to scan)
  • Step In: Follow the app’s prompts to scan for your boot size

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Finding your Merry People boot size is a breeze. Stick to your usual size, consider half sizes, and remember we're here to help with any questions! Embrace comfort and style in your chosen pair, knowing they'll mould perfectly to your feet over time. Happy adventuring!


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