Which Material Is Good for School Shoes?

Which Material Is Good for School Shoes?

The challenge of finding fantastic quality, comfortable, and long-lasting school shoes is very real! The secret to keeping your kids in shoes that last for longer might just be to invest in a pair of kids’ gumboots – our Bobbi Kids gumboots have the support and weatherproofing necessary to withstand the rigours of even the biggest school run! 

In this guide, we’ll discuss ideas around how to wear rain boots for kids and why swapping wellies at the school gates might be the answer.

Choosing a Pair of High-Quality School Shoes

When it's time to pick out top-notch school shoes, the real stars in kids' foot comfort are the Merry People Bobbi kids' boots. These boots are like happy little rain warriors, ready to tackle any puddle adventure!

With their trusty rubber soles and clever traction grooves, soggy socks and squishy discomfort are things of the past. Imagine, a whopping 149 rainy days a year, especially from September to January – that's a lot of rainy day potential! But fear not, because these Bobbi boots are here to save the day. No more chilly, damp feet on the school run. Just pure cozy, dry joy that keeps those little learners happy, focused, and ready to conquer the day with a skip in their step.

kid playing in the park with green boots

Why Wear Kids’ Rain Boots to School?

Depending on the school and the age of your child, our smart, brightly coloured Bobbi Kids gumboots may be suitable for day-long wear, particularly for younger kids at nursery who are often asked to bring gumboots with them for outdoor playtime.

Choosing a pair of quality rain boots has multiple benefits:

  • Preventing splashes and roadway residues from marking school uniforms
  • Encouraging kids to walk, cycle, or scooter to school
  • Making the school run fun and comfy, with plenty of puddle jumping
  • Stopping kids' feet and socks from becoming too cold or damp
  • Protecting ankles and lower legs from dirt and dust

The in-built front and back pull tabs on each pair of rain boots help even smaller hands grip and pull the boots on and off, so they can enjoy the independence of changing their shoes without the struggle so commonly associated with removing gumboots after a rainy walk.

kid hanging on the bar with mother

Making the Winter School Run Fun

School day mornings can be a big rush, but building in time to walk together, scooter, or cycle is an opportunity for kids to unwind, chat, and enjoy the fresh air before they settle down for a day of learning. Investing in a few winter essentials can make your school run a positive part of your day and encourage your child to embrace the seasons. We'd suggest the following:

  • Proper waterproof, comfy footwear with a good grip and ankle support
  • A fully waterproof coat or jacket with a fleece lining and zip or poppers
  • Soft, snuggly socks, such as merino wool, to keep toes warm
  • Waterproof pull-on trousers if the day is particularly wet
  • Fleece-lined gloves or mittens with a waterproof outer fabric

You can pick your kiddo’s rain boots according to their preference or to match their school uniform, like with a smart Oxford Blue & Tan or Black boot for kids, working perfectly with most uniforms while keeping trousers and tights dry and clean!

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