Comfortable Mid-Calf Boots

Comfortable Mid-Calf Boots

When it comes to stylish footwear, comfort can sometimes take a backseat. However, the notion that comfort must be sacrificed for style isn't always accurate.

Introducing our Darcy Mid-Calf Gumboots – designed for comfort! We understand the importance of comfort without compromising on looks. With the comfortable Darcy Mid-Calf Gumboots, you can enjoy both. These cute mid-calf boots offer a blend of versatility and comfort, ensuring that you can stride confidently and comfortably. Say goodbye to the belief that fashion must equate to discomfort – the Darcy Mid-Calf Gumboots are here to bring you the best of both worlds.

But wait, aren’t gumboots for puddle-splashing and gardening? At Merry People, we strive to bridge the gap between footwear that is functional and footwear that is fashionable. We keep our thumb on the pulse of what the latest style is, with while staying on top of footwear technologies that provide comfort in ethical and effective ways.

Below, we’ll detail the (many) reasons our mid-calf boots are the only pair you’ll really need!

Reasons to Love the Darcy Gumboot

Whether you’re active in your garden or running to catch the metro in an urban jungle, gumboots are a closet staple item. They’re not just for winter or trekking in the mud and muck – gumboots are the perfect shoe for the transition between seasons. How many times have you dressed for weather forecasted to be clear and warm, only to be caught in an unexpected rainstorm for hours, or anticipated the rain and are now overdressed and over-heated in your layers? Gumboots are the perfect partner to fare the seasons with.

Let’s dive into what makes our Darcy Boot stand out above the rest.

Look Good, Feel Good

When we like what we wear, we feel more confident and powerful – and merry!

The Darcy Boot is a staple item that pairs with nearly everything in your closet. Wondering what colour to get? We recommend our classic black colour because it’s timeless and classic.

Looking for comfort? The Darcy is constructed with flexible neoprene lining, making these boots easy to slip on and off despite their height. Our boots are made with state-of-the-art arch support, quality natural rubber, and are 100% vegan.


The features on the Darcy make it functionally versatile, and its aesthetic makes it perfect for anything hanging up in your closet. The bottom of these boots come with slip resistant soles that were tested by Intertek Global’s testing laboratory – and the boots are completely waterproof! This means your feet will stay dry and comfortable even if you didn’t clear that monstrous puddle before hopping into a cab or spent all day tending to your yard.

We’ve also tested the Darcy’s efficacy in sub-zero temperatures and it passed with flying colours! This boot is guaranteed to keep your toes snug and warm during the chillier months when your other boots won’t cut it.

We’ve discussed at length the utilitarian benefits of the boot, but what about aesthetic? Mid-calf boots have made a comeback the past two years, and gumboots are sneaking into the spotlight. With unpredictable weather becoming more common around the world, many are opting to swap their upscale tennis shoes for something more durable: gumboots.

We love pairing the Darcy with cuffed mom jeans and a classic tee for a chic dressed-down look, or even with a cute mini or midi dress to make a statement. The monochromatic trend is perfect for all-black gumboots, adding a bit of edge and playfulness to any outfit.

Comfortable Mid-Calf alpine green boots

The Perfect Fit

If comfort and fit is the ultimate goal, then the Darcy Mid-Calf gumboot is for you! We offer adult sizes all the way up to a UK size twelve and EU size forty-three. Our comprehensive size guide details boot height, height to gusset, boot opening, and more.

Additionally, our boots come with an adjustable rear gusset so you can cinch in the calf for your comfort. Some days, the rain is too heavy or you need to refine the lines on your calves for your outfit-of-the-day – that’s where the adjustable strap comes in. Simply pull it to the tightness you prefer and fasten it in place; this prevents water from slipping in from the boot opening.

In Summary

The most comfortable mid-calf boots can also be the most stylish. The Darcy Gumboot marries aesthetic and function with ease, creating a closet staple you’ll always reach for before you head out the door. Shop the Darcy Mid-Calf Gumboot for your perfect fit.

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