Plan The Perfect Summer Picnic with These 5 Merry Theme Ideas!

Plan The Perfect Summer Picnic with These 5 Merry Theme Ideas!

Summertime is here, and if you're looking to plan the perfect summer picnic, then you're in the right place!

Being in nature, while snacking on yummy food? A huge reason why we believe picnics are one of the best inventions known to humankind. And since we're talking picnics in this blog post, we’ve partnered up with our friends at Kollab – you probably know them for their pretty and practical picnicware!

Together, we’ve paired a few of our favourite products, and dreamed up five merry picnic-scape themes. We’ve compiled suggestions on all the aspects of a perfect picnic; from what to bring, to what to wear. From the sun-soaked shores of the Mediterranean to the dreamy landscapes of a watercolour-infused summer, there is sure to be a picnic idea in this list that catches your eye!

A collection of Mediterranean inspired products, including Kollab picnicware and Merry People boots.

Theme #1: A Mediterranean Mood

Kollab: Olive Check print
Merry People: Mustard Bobbi Boots

Picture this; a clear blue ocean, scattered white clouds, the smell of mandarins in the air, and whitewashed arches all about you. Earthy, warm tones. Mosaic patterns, ceramics and rustic pottery. We’re in a Mediterranean mood! Grab your picnic basket and prepare to immerse yourself in the ocean views, and delicious food, with this Mediterranean-themed picnic.

What to bring on your picnic

These items will help you decorate your picnic-scape on theme! Here’s what to pack for your Mediterranean-inspired picnic;

  • This Olive Check Picnic Mat and Bag combo from Kollab: this dynamic duo will elevate any outdoor dining set up. Water resistant, easy to set up, and cute to boot!
  • Terracotta bowls: a rustic touch, for all the snacks and nibbles.
  • Blue and white ceramic dishes: use these as serving plates – ‘real’ plates add a refined touch to your picnic!
  • Sprigs of olive branches (or any kind of silvery/long leafed branch): pop these in some brown paper and place them near your food set up – we love how adding unexpected elements like this spruces up the food-spread (and adds to the Mediterranean vibe!).
  • Whole lemons (or limes): put these in a bowl for a pop of colour (and then, slice them up and pop them in your water for added deliciousness).

What to eat on your picnic

We found this easy recipe for ricotta with crushed olives, almonds and lemon from @liv.kaplan on Instagram. She calls it her ‘new favourite girl dinner’, and we’re calling it – this may just be your new favourite picnic snack!

What to wear on your picnic

For this picnic, we suggest slipping on a pair of our yellow Mustard Bobbi Boots. (Can you tell we love lemons?!) Zesty and bright, they pair so well with the summery vibes of the Mediterranean! Pop on some linen shorts and a white collared shirt for a breezy summer-ready look.

A collage of Merry People and Kollab products with a mix of other items like a pineapple and bamboo plates to give a tropical feel.

Theme #2: A Tropical Treat

Kollab: Summertime print
Merry People: Grasshopper Green Bobbi Boots

It’s near sunset, the sky is a beautiful peachy-purple, and even with the later hour, you still feel a warm breeze. Scents of coconut, vanilla, pineapple. Deep greens, bright corals. It’s time for a tropical treat! Here are a few things to pack, and prep, for your tropical-themed picnic feast.

What to bring on your picnic

  • This Summertime Picnic Mat: what’s better than stretching out on a large mat? For fun (and function!) pair your Picnic Mat with an oversized Beach Bag for all the essentials – we love this tropical foliage print!
  • Bamboo plates and utensils: pack compostable or recyclable bamboo plates and utensils for a natural touch to your tropical feast.
  • A few colourful cushions (that you don’t mind having outside): soft, plump cushions add an extra layer of comfort to your picnicking. 
  • A large serving platter: opt for a green or wood platter to keep in theme!

What to eat on your picnic

Going with the tropical feel, this food suggestion is an easy (and delicious) one. Fill your picnic bag with luscious, in-season fruits! Juicy peaches, tangy tangerines, and fresh watermelon… kiwi, mangoes, pineapple – the list goes on! Once you’re set up, cut up the fruit to make a colourful, tropical platter. Let the fruit feast begin!

What to wear on your picnic

Fun floral prints are in for this picnic! Whether it’s an oversized shirt, sundress or shorts, go bold and bright with the botanical look. For shoes, we couldn’t go past the our Grasshopper Green Bobbi Boots. Their lush, tropical green is the perfect fit for this theme. And if you are heading into a tropical climate, then you’ll love their waterproof rubber and neoprene outer – rain or shine, it’s picnic time!

A collage of Merry People and Kollab products mixed with snippings of lavender and a flower crown to give a romantic moodboard feel

Theme #3: Floral Feels

Kollab: Copenhagen print
Merry People: Lavender Billie Clogs

We’re setting the scene with a garden bursting with delicate blooms, all different colours, and a picnic blanket full to the brim with all sorts of yummy treats. There are birds chirping and bees buzzing, and picturesque greenery as far as the eye can see! Without further ado, here are a few tips on what to pack for the garden picnic of your dreams.

What to bring on your picnic

  • The Wine Cooler Bag Copenhagen: the perfect beverage buddy for chilled drinks. With a padded interior and capacity for two bottles, you won’t have to worry about your drinks clinking away in your bag!
  • A Bluetooth speaker: set the ambience with your favourite tunes.
  • Flower crown craft: all you’ll need is some floral tape, craft wire and a pair of scissors to make this sweet craft! Here’s a simple how-to for making your flower crowns.
  • Cloth napkins: we’re going plate-less with this one, as our food will be an assortment of easy-to-eat treats. For extra points, pick out napkins that have flowers on them!
  • The Lunch Box Copenhagen: this playful lunch box is insulated, and will be perfect to tote the goodies we have planned for this picnic!

What to eat on your picnic

Earlier last year, the incredibly talented Tigga Mac blew our minds when she made this hyper-realistic Grasshopper Green Bobbi Boot cake. So we had to include one of her creations in this post! To fit in with our floral feel, her antique rose cupcakes are our pick. Don’t worry – the skills required for these are much more basic than the boot cake! These cupcakes are made with sponge cake and topped with piped pink rose petals.

What to wear on your picnic

For your picnic outfit, choose your favourite summer dress with a floral print. For shirts and pants, think light and flowy, in pastel colours. For shoes, we have to go with our Lavender Billie Clogs! This pale purple is much-loved by our Merry community for its fresh and happy vibe. So, slip on your Billie Clogs, and let's head to our garden picnic!

Items collaged together on a blue background to give a retro feel, including some Merry People Rust Clogs and Kollab Hyper Floral picnicware

Theme #4: Retro Vibes

Kollab: Hyper Floral print
Merry People: Rust Billie Clogs

Let’s take it back in time with this theme; we’re all about funky patterns, groovy shapes and eclectic decor – disco balls encouraged! So let’s wind back the clock, and gear up for our next picnic…

What to bring on your picnic

  • The Hyper Floral Picnic Mat: bursting with a mix of chill beige, vibrant pinks, and radiant yellows, Hyper Floral feels like a nostalgic, happy summer.
  • Fancy drinking glasses: we found these striped coupe glasses from Fazeek and fell in love. Bring along a bottle of bubbly and you’re all set!
  • A deck of cards: for a chilled game of Rummy or Bridge.
  • A beach umbrella: a bit of shade for a nap? Yes please! This one from Kollab fits perfectly into the retro feel.
  • Your current book: for some R&R (reading and relaxing!).

What to eat on your picnic

Back in the day, it was less convenient to keep your food cool on a picnic! Thankfully, now you can pick up an insulated bag from Kollab, and pack it full with some classic retro food like devilled eggs, potato salad or, some simple chicken sandwiches, cut into quarters – we love this recipe by the talented Nagi from Recipe Tin Eats.

What to wear on your picnic

To get into the swing of things, it’s time to dig out your iconic tie-dye t-shirt. But if your tie-dye is lost to the passage of time, then any shirt with a retro print like polka dots, paisley, houndstooth, or geometric patterns will do! Pair the print with denim shorts or flared jeans. Pick out a pair of our super comfy Merry Socks (we recommend the Cream colourway), and match them with our totally groovy Rust Billie Clogs. Easy to slip on and off, these clogs really are a picnic!

A collage of whimsical items that denote romantic themes, including the Sky Blue Bobbi Boot, baby's breath flowers and a picnic mat in the Watergardens print from Kollab

Theme #5: Summer Lovin'

Kollab: Watergarden print
Merry People: Sky Blue Bobbi Boots

The soft glow of fairylights, and breathtaking views. Nowhere to be, and no plans (except whiling away the hours with the people right in front of you!). For this theme, we’re dreaming of summer skies, charcuterie boards, strawberries, warm and fuzzy feelings… Let’s get this picnic started, because love is in the air!

What to bring on your picnic

  • The Watergarden Picnic Mat: this print looks like it stepped straight out of an Impressionist painting; colourful and full of sunlight. It’s the perfect picnic mat for a romantic day spent outdoors.
  • Fairylights: for a glowing atmosphere! We love these for picnics that plan to keep going until dusk, plus they add a dreamy feel.
  • A bouquet of your favourite flowers: these blooms can also double as decor for your picnic-scape!

What to eat on your picnic

Simple and delicious, a charcuterie board is the romantic picnic’s MVP. Pick and pile on what you and your picnic partner would like – you can choose from fancy cheeses, fresh fruits, cured meats and so many other goodies. Plus, no need for fancy utensils; just grab, snack, and enjoy the moment. It’s the ideal picnic spread; quick and customisable!

What to wear on your picnic

Calm colours like blue, sage and cream are our picks for this romantic picnic! Opt for a flowy blouse, or an oversized button-down, with your favourite trousers or skirt. For shoes, we’re going to go for a match to our ideal picnic weather; sunny skies! So, our Sky Blue Bobbi Boots are at the top of the list for this theme (they are also available as Billie Clogs!). Summer lovin’, here we come!

Shop Our Picnic Picks

We hope that one of these merry themes helps you get ready to add some extra flair and fun on your next picnic. For more inspiration, check out more picnicware from our friends at Kollab – they’ve got so much more in store than what we’ve covered in this post! And if you’re wondering what shoes to wear for your next picnic? We’ve got you (and your feet!) covered.

What are you waiting for? Pick a theme, pack your bag, and have a merry time on your next picnic! (P.S. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!)

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