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Our Merry Getaway with CABN

Our Merry Getaway with CABN - Merry People

To celebrate the end of the financial year, we headed for the woods to stay at the CABN Allira in the Yarra Valley. We’ve been working from home since March, and love the chance to catch up face to face. It was great to get out of the city and back to nature, spending time together outdoors.

CABN have completely off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly tiny houses around the country, in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. While only an hour from Melbourne, the CABN Allira feels secluded, at the end of a track surrounded by tall gum trees. We were amazed by just how much you can fit in a tiny home, as Allira was equipped with everything we could need.  

cabin in the woods fireplace and the cabin bed in the cabin  cabin main room 



Once we unpacked, Dani made some mulled wine while Tim started the fire. We also brought our new season boots along for their first bush adventure too, taking them for a walk around the property, climbing logs and fences.

 pictures over logs

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As the sun set, we cooked dinner around the campfire, with baked potatoes on the coals and corn on the BBQ. Dani even brought some marshmallows to toast and shared her family apple treat with us.

Have a fire pit at home? It's easy to do, first core and peel an apple. Next, use dried fruit or raisins and cinnamon to fill the hole (we had dried peaches in ours). Then wrap the apple in foil and place in the coals of the fire. It's a perfect dessert for winter months!

chilling beside the campfire smoked fruits

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We watched the stars come out and kept cosy by the fire, chatting, catching up, and reflecting on the start of the financial year. Our photographer even showed us how he takes photos of the galaxy, and we tried to write with torch light on camera. 

In the morning we woke to the sound of birds, and took a last walk around. Dani made a damper for breakfast and we prepared to return home feeling rested and recharged. With metro Melbourne under Stage 3 restrictions again, we appreciate our escape to the CABN Allira even more, and look forward to our next merry adventure.

fun times around the campfire  pictures wearing merry boots beside the cabin 

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Be sure to check out CABN for your next merry getaway! 

Stay Merry everyone! xx

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