Gardening Clogs

Gardening Clogs

The sun warms your back, your hands comb through cool dirt, and the earthy, fresh scent of your garden fills your nose. An afternoon tending to your garden is a very merry way to spend an afternoon.

Any experienced horticulturist will tell you that despite how relaxing it is, gardening is hard work. Gardening for long periods of time can lead to lower back pain and all sorts of bumps in the road! If your weekend plan includes enjoying your yard, you ought to be equipped with the proper equipment – from your head, to your toes!

The gardening attire you invest in can truly transform your experience. If you always assumed a hand trowel and watering can were the key tools for gardening, you’re halfway there. Now, it’s time to drop your gaze to your footwear. We recommend Merry People's Billie Clogs for gardening because they are comfortable and waterproof, making them ideal for gardening in any season!

When picking the perfect pair, you’ll want to factor in the fit of the clog, the material, and your personal style when selecting one for gardening.

green clogs and socks

Examine the Material

Clogs for men, women, or children are made of the same materials. We recommend selecting a gardening clog that is waterproof with arch support, like the Billie Clog!

All Merry People boots and clogs are made with waterproof materials; natural rubber and neoprene. These are the prime waterproof materials for your shoes because they keep your feet dry and are easy to clean. If you find yourself in a hurry, simply hosing off your clogs will make them presentable again.
The best part about a clog for gardening? It’s the perfect slip-on alternative for when you’re heading in and out of your yard!

people wearing clogs in the garden

Embrace Your Style

Your style should shine through your shoe to give your gardening routine a pop of personality. Thanks to Merry People, clogs for your garden now come in a plethora of colours and patterns! Not only are they colourful, clogs are meant to last a long time and withstand the elements of the outdoors.

Functional, and fun? The merriest combination!

Are You Joining The Garden Clog Club?

Whether you’re a beginner looking to invest in clogs or a seasoned gardener finally upgrading from a pair of well-loved runners, clogs are the optimal choice for all your merry gardening adventures! When you find a clog that fits well, offers arch support, and protects your feet from the elements, you will look and feel better in your garden.

Take a peek at the Billie Clog collection at Merry People. Our unisex clogs are true to size and perfect for gardeners of all skill levels!

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