Clogs for Men

Clogs for Men

A few years ago, younger millennials co-opted the ‘ugly-beautiful’ movement by wearing rubber clogs. The funky foam clogs marched back onto the market with their bright colours and creative designs. While brands like Crocs reminded us why we love clogs (for their functionality and their comfort), they also took a step from uncool, to ‘I could see myself wearing that!’

So, let's dream a little... what if you picked up a pair of men's clogs? What if they were for everyday out-and-about use, and not just classed as at-home wear, or necessary for special fields like medicine or kitchen work (why do chefs wear clogs, anyway?).

The great news is that clogs can be a staple to your closet! They can be dressed up or down, are perfect for meeting a date for coffee, and can be used when tending to your yard. That’s right – your gardening clogs can be a fashion statement.

We love the functionality and comfort of a clog, and the unexpected pop of character it can add to any outfit, which is just one of the reasons why every man needs a pair of clogs! 

multiple clogs in the garden

2 persons wearing clogs in the garden

Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Pair of Clogs

Clogs have taken many steps since their debut many years ago. Once carved from wood, clogs today are crafted from a variety of materials, like rubber. While wooden clogs still exist today, they aren’t the only option on the clog market. Take our Billie Clogs, for example – perfect for the home and garden, the Billie Clog is a comfortable slip-on shoe. The sole design offers enhanced traction on slippery surfaces with neoprene lining adding comfort to every step.

Clogs are notoriously comfortable and versatile. Clogs are akin to the active man’s runners or his humbly dressed-down loafers. They can make a statement while not committing – they’re a slip-on that’s ready to slide off.

Functionality and fashion merge together in the clog, and here’s why we love it:


For years, the clog was slotted into the category of “house shoes,” but not anymore. Your clogs don’t need to wait by the back porch; they are capable of supporting you with any task during the day.

Many clogs are designed with a weatherproof material or have a waterproof material on the exterior of the shoe, making them ideal for changes in weather. Unlike gumboots, clogs allow air to flow through the shoe and prevent your feet from overheating while protecting them from the elements.

The Billie Clog is somewhat of a Swiss Army knife when it comes to footwear. This clog was designed to be lifestyle footwear. Its open-heel design makes it effortless to slide on when you’re on the go. Its sleek, smooth shoe design makes it easy to dress up.


When we talk about clogs we can’t help mentioning their comfort! With arch support, light soles, and heel support, clogs can reduce back and foot pain. Your comfort literally starts from the ground up, making clogs an obvious choice for someone either constantly on their feet at work or at home.

In Style

In the past few years, clogs have popped back onto the scene as a fashion statement that transcends subculture.

A great example of this cool and comfortable shoe is our Billie Clog. Our take on the classic clog goes with everything and is perfect for lifestyle wear. It’s simple, unassuming, and seamlessly slides into any outfit as a replacement for sneakers – especially during the summer months when you’d like to not be wearing socks!

Final Thoughts

Clogs combine fashion and functionality for men in ways we haven’t seen until now. Whether you want to a pair for your gardening adventures, or a new option in your closet for trips out on the town, clogs from Merry People are the ones for you!

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