Are Gumboots Waterproof?

Are Gumboots Waterproof?

Have you ever found yourself out in the city, going about your day, only to get stuck in a torrential downpour… in the wrong footwear? Or, have you prepped for a rainy day, only to find out the hard way that your shoes are not as waterproof as you thought?

The combination of a rainy day and a poor choice of footwear is high on the list of not-fun scenarios. Nobody enjoys soaked socks! That is why gumboots, also known as rainboots or wellington boots, are the most popular (and best!) choice for waterproof footwear. They’re durable, weather resistant, protective against slippery surfaces, and stylish. 

Due to their versatility and stylish design, many people worry that gumboots are not really waterproof. Gumboots are indeed waterproof, and are widely known for their ability to keep your feet dry in rain, mud – and for those wondering if you can wear gumboots in the snow, yes, even in the snow. But what makes them waterproof? Let’s find out!

We explore the ins and outs of gumboots, how to pick the most durable ones, and how to maintain them so they last you for many, many puddles.

It’s All in the Design

Most gumboots are made from either rubber or PVC. These two materials are both waterproof and make for excellent weather-resistant materials. They are both are durable and impermeable, meaning your feet will stay dry all day long in heavy rain and snow.

While both can be appropriate choices, the key difference between the two is that rubber is a natural material that's thicker and more durable than PVC. Due to it being able to stretch and mold to your foot, gumboots made from natural rubber are more comfortable than PVC gumboots.

Slate Grey Bobbi Boots

Quality Matters

A key factor in ensuring that your gumboots are waterproof is opting for a pair made of high-quality materials. Thick, durable material like natural rubber, combined with a well-designed construction, ensures that your feet will stay dry.

Take our highly-rated Bobbi Ankle gumboot, for example. Made out of high-quality neoprene with reinforced seams, you can rest assured knowing that your feet won’t be exposed to any unexpected leaks! Puddles? No problem!

Beetroot Bobbis dangling above the water 

A Little T.L.C. Goes a Long Way

Like any item you own, a little tender-loving-care will help give your gumboots longevity. Be sure to rinse off your gumboots with clean water and store them safely after each wear. Just make sure you know how to dry gumboots once you’ve washed them.

If you have a pair of Merry People rubber gumboots, we recommend you pick up our Care Kit that includes silicone spray and a shine buffer that will keep the natural rubber of your boots in top condition.

The more care you give them, the further they will take you!

Find Your Perfect Gumboot at Merry People

At Merry People, we take pride in our waterproof and 100% vegan gumboots. Made out of flexible neoprene with slip-resistant soles and a supportive arch design, our stylish and versatile gumboots will keep you dry, warm, and comfortable all day long. Whether you opt for a mid-calf rain boot like the Merry People Darcy design or are on the hunt for the best ankle gumboots, you’re sure to find the perfect boot for your outdoor excursions.

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