How to Dry Merry People Gumboots

How to Dry Merry People Gumboots

If you own a pair of gumboots, chances are that you know how much of a staple footwear choice they are. Whether you are in for a bout of rainy weather, spending the day gardening, or planning to take a long hike through muddy terrain, gumboots are the perfect go-to.

If you are wondering if gumboots are waterproof, here's the lowdown! Merry People’s gumboots are made from natural rubber and neoprene, and fun fact; both are waterproof materials, making our gumboots the ideal choice for wet weather. Plus, in wet weather, our extra traction soles provide protection against slippery surfaces.

If you have ever taken your pair of gumboots out in the rain or through the mud, you know how dirty and wet they can get. That is what they are meant for after all, but sometimes a splash can be underestimated, and water can get up and over the top of our boots!

In situations like this, a little care goes a long way in making your gumboots last longer and remain odour-free after a day getting wet in the rain. Gumboots that are properly taken care of are more likely to stay merrier for longer, so that your feet stay dry through every wear.

So, what should you do with wet gumboots? Do you leave them outside by your door to dry? Do you hang them upside down and hope for the best? Not quite – read on for our handy how-to guide on drying your gumboots effectively.

How to Dry Gumboots

A pair of gumboots properly cared for will stay merrier for longer. Next time you accidentally get water in them, here’s how to get them dry again!

Absorb Extra Water

Boots filled with excess water will not dry properly. Be sure to use a towel or cloth to soak up some of the water in the boot.

How to dry gumboots

Grab the Newspaper

Give your morning newspaper an extra job! One of the most effective methods for drying gumboots is stuffing them with newspaper. This trick is one of the oldest in the book. The newspaper works to absorb any moisture from the boots.]

Break Out The Hair Dryer

For those looking to go above and beyond, whip out your hair dryer. Use it on a low heat setting, aiming it towards the inside of your boots, ensuring that any excess moisture is removed and that your boots dry faster.

As with any appliance, always be sure to read the manufacturer’s guide. Gumboots are strong and durable, but they are not heatproof, so you don’t want to overheat them.

Store Them in a Well-Ventilated Room

Consider storing your gumboots in a well-ventilated room. We recommend keeping them out of direct heat or sunlight, as that can cause the rubber to crack or discolour. An ideal location is in your mudroom, under a covered porch or your garage, away from any pets or animals.

In Summary 

Now, you have our best practices for ensuring that your gumboots have a long lifespan. The better you maintain them, the more merry adventures you will go on together!

If you’ve done everything to take care of your boots but they’re starting to need even more TLC, check out our post on how to repair gumboots.

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