Best Shoes for Commuting to Work

Best Shoes for Commuting to Work

When it comes to finding the right shoe for commuting to work, comfort and style are key. The shoes you walk to work in should make your commute comfier! If you’re in the marketing for a durable and comfortable commute shoe, gumboots might be a perfect choice.

Ankle gumboots and other styles of waterproof boots are becoming an increasingly popular everyday shoe, and for good reason. Durable, waterproof, versatile, comfortable, and stylish, they are one of our favourite footwear choices for those arduous commutes to work. In case you are not sold yet, we put together this handy guide on what makes gumboots truly shine.

Waterproof Design

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be – it can be super sunny one moment, and the next, a delightful downpour!

Gumboots are specifically designed to be waterproof. Gumboots, like the Merry People Bobbi Ankle gumboot, are made with natural rubber and neoprene (also used in wetsuits!). These are both waterproof materials made to protect your feet and keep them dry in the wettest conditions.

Most people associate wet weather with gumboots, and often assume that gumboots are chunky, plasticky and generally unappealing to the eye. On the contrary, Merry People set out to design a pair of gumboots that are the perfect two-in-one boot; waterproof and wearable everywhere. That’s how the Bobbi Boot was born!

Commute boots Alpine Green
With a boot like the Merry People Bobbi Ankle gumboot, you can commute confidently to work knowing that your feet will be dry in any unpredictable weather – and, with their versatile and stylish design, you won’t even have to change out of them once you get inside! 


Commuting to work daily requires a durable shoe that can withstand wear and tear and last for a long time. Rubber and neoprene are all high-quality durable materials that are made to be worn in harsh conditions, making gumboots an ideal ‘commute boot’. 


You might be thinking that gumboots are heavy or difficult to wear for extended periods of time, but Merry People’s Bobbi Ankle gumboots are designed with comfort in mind. They’re made with arch support and a cosy neoprene lining so that each step is comfortable, warm, and protected. This supportive design ensures that you can wear these boots for long commutes and work days without discomfort.


For a walk, for work, for wherever go! Gumboots are incredibly versatile, and there are endless options to choose from. From a mid-calf style to clogs, there is a pair for everyone out there looking to make the switch to gumboots for their commute.

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The Best Commuter Boots From Merry People

It’s true, gumboots make fantastic commuting shoes. Choose from Merry People’s range of colours and styles, and find your perfect commute boot!

If you’re thinking ahead, be sure to check out our latest post on how to repair gumboots. With all the walking to work you’ll be doing, gumboots are prone to wear and tear over time, but it’s nothing a little love and care can’t fix!

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