Can You Wear Gumboots in the Snow?

Can You Wear Gumboots in the Snow?

When the weather turns murky, you know it’s time to reach for your gumboots, or as some might prefer to call them, rain boots or Wellington boots. Whatever their name, the bottom line is that there is no denying the popularity and practicality of gumboots! They remain an excellent choice for wet weather, and are known for their durability and weather-resistant design.

Gumboots are waterproof, so there’s a natural conclusion that if gumboots perform great in the rain, they should perform just as well in the snow. But how much truth is there to that statement?

Breaking Down the Gumboot Design

Gumboots are built from rubber or PVC, which is what makes them waterproof. Merry People gumboots are made from natural rubber and neoprene, making them waterproof.

However, most gumboots in the market are not equipped with the insulation needed to keep your feet warm in snowy conditions. This is because most gumboots are not explicitly designed with snow in mind. They are simply designed with the intention to protect and keep your feet dry, whether you’re trekking through the mud or out on a rainy day.

That’s where Merry People’s difference is! When we set out to make our first boot, the Bobbi Boot, we wanted to make them as versatile and practical as possible. This meant designing them so that they would still keep your feet warm in sub zero conditions.

Can You Wear Gumboots in the Snow?

Are Gumboots Snow Friendly?

Our signature style, the Bobbi Boot, has been tested in sub zero temperatures and is 100% waterproof. We get a lot of customers wearing their Merry People boots to the snow. We love to see how so many of our customers are having merry adventures all over the world, no matter the weather. Rain, hail, shine… and snow!

Using Ice Grips

However, our boots are not designed to function like a snow boot, so we do recommend you take care on icy surfaces. Using ice grips (available at sports or outdoor stores) can add more grip if you plan to wear them in icy or snowy conditions.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the Merry People difference! Gumboots that keep you warm, even in the snow! As long as you take the necessary extra steps, there’s no better way to keep dry and warm.

With so many different styles to choose from, like Merry People’s Bobbi ankle gumboots and the mid-calf Darcys, there is something for everyone, so you can rock your style while keeping your feet warm and dry. Shop Merry People’s range now.

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