Staying Connected

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Staying Connected

Tips for fostering connection & community 
At Merry People, we believe in making people feel happiness and a sense of adventure. But how do you find that sense of adventure when social distancing is the new normal, and self-isolation is becoming common for many?
We’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past few weeks and have compiled some of our favourite ways to create connection and adventure during this period of change.
Get some natural TLC!  Studies have shown that fresh air and sunlight, in addition to scrupulous hygiene, reduce the spread of disease.  Sunlight is also vital for our mental health. Numerous studies have shown that sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which is essential for the healthy functioning of your body.  Sunlight is also related to our circadian rhythm, or our “internal clock.” When our circadian rhythm is working, it helps keep your cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and other bodily systems on track. Basically, the sun is amazing!  
In Australia, we are blessed to have so much beautiful nature all around us.  So, make a picnic, get in the car, and head out to the country to explore! 
If that isn’t an option for you, explore your own backyard, sit out on your balcony, or just go for a quick walk around the block.
If you are unable to visit friends and family in person – whether due to distance or quarantine – modern technology makes it so easy to connect.  Instead of texting or calling as normal, try a video call. That way you can still see each other’s faces and create a deeper sense of connection.  If time changes are in issue, our Wholesale & Marketing Coordinator Katey loves the app Marco Polo for sending video messages to her family back in the U.S
(If you pretend this Bobbi boot is your phone… hold it out like so).
Channel your inner gardener and grow your own food.  Depending on the space you have, this can be a large project in the backyard, a small vertical planter for apartment balconies, or even just kitchen window herbs.   Not only will growing your own food save you money on groceries, but it is a lovely way to get outside and involved in nature. It is also a great activity to do with kids if they are home from school. 
Your best friend will still need a bit of exercise, so go for a walk around the block, play in an apartment common area, or visit a nearby park. (Just remember to stay 1.5m away from others).  Also, if you have a neighbour who is at-risk, unable to go outside, or quarantined, you can offer to walk their pup or bring them pet supplies. 
Now is a great time to learn something new! Many online courses include community chats and discussion back and forth with other students globally, building community, connections, and knowledge.  Future Learn has a fantastic range of subjects (free and paid).
This is a new and unexpected time for all of us and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and scared. But hopefully taking a few moments to breathe and connect with nature and loved ones will help you feel better.
Stay Merry everyone!

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