A Quick Note...

A Quick Note... - Merry People
Here at Merry People we are all about finding your own adventure and embracing the things that make you feel uniquely happy.  Like many, we are sad and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the news around us.  
New policies around social distancing and self-isolation are challenging our daily routines and habits. But, change can also force us to try new things, learn new skills you otherwise might not have, and stimulate new parts of the brain.
We are a small retail business and yes, this period is going to hurt us (and countless other businesses) – but we will keep putting on our gumboots and finding the “Merry” in the everyday. We will look for all the things we can do, versus feeling frustrated about the things we can’t. 
Over the next little period we are going to curate some uplifting content to help you keep your mind positive and your body moving. We look forward to hopefully giving you a little bit of happiness in your days so we can support each other through this uncertain time.
Sending everyone lots of love from Dani and the Merry People team. Xx 
P.S. if anyone has any ideas for things we can do, visit, or create at home - please send through. Especially if you’re a small business - we might b able to profile you!

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