Refreshing Spring Cocktails Inspired by our Bobbi Gumboots

Refreshing Spring Cocktails Inspired by our Bobbi Gumboots - Merry People


At our (WFH) HQ in Melbourne, we are raising a glass! We are so proud of our hometown and so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from our fellow Australians around the country. Thank you, everyone. 

To celebrate the end of lockdown and the advent of warmer nights, we have pulled together some delicious and classic cocktails to keep you cool at home or to stir up at your next picnic. Because we also love a good pairing, we've matched each drink with its perfect Bobbi boot. 

Enjoy responsibly!

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THE 'HUGO' | Pair with: Bobbi Koala Grey

From Dilly Dally, Perth

  • 40mL St. Germain Elderflower liqueur
  • 60mL Prosecco
  • 60mL soda water
  • Ice
  • Slice of lime
  • Mint leaves 


1. Clap mint leaves (to release flavour) and place in a glass. 

2. Top with elderflower liqueur, Prosecco, soda water, and ice.

3. Garnish with lime wedge. 

the HUGO drink



From Ladies & The Camp

  • Lemon 
  • Lime
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Gin
  • Lemon crush (or similar)


1. Place a handful of mint plus a generous squeeze of lemon and lime in a glass and muddle with a spoon. 

2. Add a shot of gin and top with lemon crush.

3. Stir it all together and enjoy!

4. OPTIONAL: take a photo of your mint leaves with your pear boots!

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BLOODY MARY | Pair with: Bobbi Beetroot

From Ladies & The Camp

  • 1 large bottle of Tomato Juice
  • Celery
  • Bacon (optional)
  • Olives
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Vodka


1. OPTIONAL: Crisp up your bacon and set aside.
2. Add 1 shot of vodka into each cup.
3. Add a splash of Worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, salt & pepper, and a squeeze of lemon and lime and stir. Amounts are to your taste so if you like the hot stuff, go heavy on the tabasco!
4. Top up the glass with tomato juice.
5. Skewer an olive or 2 and place along the top of your cup. Finish with a sprig of celery and a crispy piece of bacon and get ready to feel bloody good!


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PIMM'S CUP | Pair with: Bobbi Mustard

  • 2oz PIMM'S No.1
  • 5oz lemon-lime soda or ginger ale*
  • Add strawberry, orange & cucumber
  • Finish with a sprig of mint


Fill a highball glass with ice. Top with Pimms, mixer, fresh fruit. Stir and garnish with a sprig of mint.  A Pimm’s Cup (or Pimm’s Original) is great served in a carafe! Just increase the proportions to fit whatever vessel you are mixing it up in. 


Recipe & photo from Pimms


APEROL SPRITZ  | Pair with: Bobbi Orange & Pomegranate

  • 3 oz Aperol
  • 3 oz dry Prosecco (or any sparkling wine)
  • 1 oz club soda or unflavoured sparkling water
  • Orange slice
1. Add a bit of ice to a wine glass. 
2. Top with Aperol, Prosecco, and club soda.  
3. Stir and garnish with orange.  

With a 1 to 1 ratio, this yum cocktail is easy to scale up and make a larger amount to pour and serve a few people.  You can make it less bitter by decreasing the Aperol, or adding more club soda. Enjoy!


Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash

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Stay Merry everyone!


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