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Merry People x BLUNT

A Special Collaboration 

In 2019, BLUNT umbrellas got in touch about a collaboration, and our New Zealand born Operations Manager Tim was instantly excited. At Merry People, we've brought modern design to the classic gumboot, and BLUNT reinvented the everyday umbrella by re-thinking the frame with a focus on strength and longevity. 

The origins of BLUNT are something we can relate to at Merry People.  Much like our founder Dani growing frustrated with her boots not handling rainy commutes, BLUNT founder Greig Brebner decided to reimagine the umbrella after being poked in the eye on rainy days in London. Beyond these hazards, he also witnessed umbrellas being tossed away quickly due to their flimsy design and low-quality materials.  The throwaway nature of the umbrella reflected that it hadn’t been technically re-engineered since its invention in 1928 - a modern, functional refresh was long overdue! 

As an engineer by trade, Greig applied his technical know-how to the process of redesigning the umbrella to withstand modern life.  A BLUNT umbrella is built to last for years and handle extreme conditions.  Here are some of the many features that make them so worthwhile:

  • An innovative and patented design, including blunt tips (no eye pokes) and double struts to withstand up to 100km/hr winds. 
  • Commitment to quality with all products being tested repeatedly for extreme conditions and each product receiving a 38 point quality control check.
  • They open and close with an ergonomic plastic collar (no metal locking clip that pinches your finger).
  • Like Merry People, BLUNT products are built to last, offering 2 a year global warranty to ensure your umbrella weathers many rainy days

Our collaboration is the updated Metro 2.0 design with an increased 100cm diameter canopy, and the features that make BLUNT umbrellas special. Rainy days forecasted? No worries, we got you. 

close up shot of the umbrella

product shot of the green umbrella

product shot of the umbrella

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