How to Wear Chunky Boots With Dresses

How to Wear Chunky Boots With Dresses

With warmer weather quickly approaching, so does the tricky transition from winter to spring. The weather is warmer than you’d expect, then suddenly much cooler than you were prepared for, all in the same span of a few hours! How are you supposed to dress for the weather?

In 2023, our solution is to pair your favourite summer dress with chunky-heel platform boots. This combo allows for the breezy flow you need to keep cool and fashionable, while the boots serve as the perfect transition to spring weather. Puddles or wind? Bring them on!

Exploring dress and boot pairings is an exciting way to refresh your wardrobe and navigate the transition between seasons with ease and flair. This dynamic duo has the power to transform your look, offering endless possibilities that range from casual chic to sophisticated elegance.

Whether you're slipping into a breezy summer dress paired with sleek ankle boots for an afternoon outing, or layering a cosy knit dress with statement chunky boots for a bold, weather-ready ensemble, the harmony between dresses and boots is undeniable.

This combination not only allows you to express your personal style but also ensures you're prepared for any weather condition, blending functionality with fashion seamlessly. Here, we’ve developed the perfect guide on how to wear chunky boots with the dresses (and more) you already have on your closet hangers!

Best Ways to Style Chunky Boots

Add Some Edge to Your Knits

Spring is the perfect time to dust off your dresses and other knitwear, embracing the cool breeze and the blossoming flowers! But committing to a dress may mean come afternoon you’re looking for something just that bit warmer.

Prepare yourself for transeasonal weather by wearing chunky platform ankle boots. Unlike knee-high boots, ankle boots give your legs more room to breathe while still keeping your toes dry and warm. Pair with your favourite slouchy wool socks, tights, or create more visual intrigue with knee-high socks!

plum tullys in the garden

3 girls with tullys on

Create Contrast With Patterns

Whether it’s your favourite bright floral dress you want to transition into spring with rich, flowery patterns that are perfect for the season, chunky ankle boots should be your go-to accessory. Pairing your pretty patterns with these boots creates a bold contrast that shows you stay ahead of the trends while keeping comfortable.

For silhouettes to pair this with, the sky’s the limit! You can never go wrong with a sleek, patterned midi dress that fits the form like a glove. The hem of the dress should cut above the top of the boot for maximum effect, allowing the boot to peek out in its entirety.

black dress and black tullys

The Blackout

There’s a reason black never goes out of style – the classic little black dress is just too good to let go of and is flattering on everyone. Whether you are sporting a playful noir skater dress or embracing your inner Morticia Addams with a svelte black number, chunky ankle boots can either add to your whimsical approach or create a punk edge.

For an undeniably modern and trendy look, we recommend pairing your black platform boots with a black mini or midi dress with an oversized blazer. Combining closet staples never ceases to produce a timeless outfit with a modern twist.

black dress and black tullys

Super-Sized Style

Lean into the funky and playful style of chunky heeled boots with your favourite oversized pieces. From t-shirt dresses, blazer dresses, and oversized sweaters, these boots will have you inspired to puddle-jump and embrace your inner child.

Complete Your Look With The Tully Boot

Our latest addition to the Merry People family, the Tully Boot, is more than a gumboot; it’s a fashion-forward ankle boot built for days and nights on the town! It is also a first step for us towards a more sustainable boot, with its FSC Certified rubber upper, and with some parts made with recycled materials. Shop the Tully Boot range now.

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