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It’s Australian Snow Season! A Catch-Up with Aussie Snowboarder Belle Brockhoff

It’s Australian Snow Season! A Catch-Up with Aussie Snowboarder Belle Brockhoff
Earlier this year we announced that we'd partnered with Australian World Champion snowboarder; Belle Brockhoff. It's been such a pleasure following along on her journeys! From competing in Europe at the start of the year, returning back home for some study time and more recently starting to prepare for Australia's snow season, it's certainly been a busy year.
Keep reading as we head back into Belle's world. From where to go to enjoy the snow, what to pack and even tips on how to start snowboarding, we cover everything you need for this snow season! 

Hey Belle! What’s been happening in your world? 

It's been a busy time of year! The snow season is approaching, so I've been hitting the gym to stay fit and prepare for some exciting snowboarding adventures. Along with snow-related prep, it's been a mix of academic pursuits and physical training! Lots going on.

Recently, I finished up at uni for the trimester and have already dove straight into planning out subjects for next semester - I always really enjoy planning out the subjects I’ll be doing in the new semester.

On top of that, I'm thrilled to share that I've spent the last couple of months up at the snow! It was so great to hit the slopes and test out some new equipment, including a sustainable race snowboard. It's wonderful to see the industry embracing eco-friendly options, and I was so excited to experience the performance and environmental benefits firsthand.

portrait in the snow


Winter in Australia means it’s time to hit the slopes! Where’s your favourite place to go and what are your favourite things about a winter in Australia?

Thredbo and Perisher immediately come to mind! Thredbo has an enchanting charm with its picturesque alpine village and breath-taking mountain views. The snow-capped peaks beckon skiers and snowboarders, promising endless fun and exhilarating adventures. And let's not forget about Perisher, a winter wonderland with its vast ski fields and diverse terrain.

But what truly adds to the magic of an Australian winter is staying in Jindabyne. My favourite spot to stay is this cosy town, nestled by a beautiful lake. I love exploring the charming cafes and local shops - people are always so lovely, and give my stays there such warmth!

cold waters and black boots

And oh, the lake! It's a serene oasis where we play a cheeky round of frisbee golf, or just enjoy the stunning scenery. At night, when the skies are clear, there’s nothing like a bit of star gazing. So, my advice? Pack your skis, grab a hot cocoa, and get ready for an unforgettable winter adventure in Thredbo, Perisher, and Jindabyne!

open cair with snowboard and Belle standing

What  are your ‘must haves’ for a weekend away in the snow?

When it comes to a weekend getaway in the snow, being fully prepared is key to maximise the fun! Here are some must-have items on my packing list for your next snow adventure:

  • Safety first, so I'll pack my helmet and goggles to protect me while shredding the slopes
  • Then, I'll slip on my trusty Merry People gumboots, keeping my toes warm and dry as I stomp through the snowy wonderland
  • Of course, I won't forget sunscreen, because the sun at the snow means double exposure from the reflective snow, and no one wants to return looking like a roasted marshmallow!
  • Layering up with thermals is a must to stay toasty in the chilly weather
  • shovel is essential to dig the car out if Mother Nature decides to dump more snow.
  • I can’t go without my cosy warm beanie to keep my noggin snug and happy
  • Plus, a jacket to keep me warm!
  • To keep my hands toasty, I'll bring warm mittens (the non-boxing kind), and sunglasses to ensure I can properly enjoy the snowy vistas
  • Oh, and let's not forget the snacks – shoving all the delicious treats into every jacket pocket imaginable because a hungry adventurer is not a happy adventurer!

    With these essentials in tow, I'm ready to conquer the slopes and have an unforgettable snow-filled weekend!


    Can you share any tips or tricks for those looking to improve their snowboarding skills?

    First and foremost, my advice would be to keep an open mind and embrace the learning process with a positive attitude. My second tip would be to practice patience because Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will the mountain. Take it one step at a time, mastering the basics before tackling more challenging manoeuvres.

    Finally, be sure to take advantage of lessons and instruction from experienced riders – they'll help you carve, turn, and navigate the slopes with finesse. Snowboarding is all about having a blast, so let loose, have fun, and don't be afraid to take a few spills along the way – laughs are mandatory!

    With the increasing popularity of winter sports, what are you most excited about for the future of snowboarding in Australia?

    I’m personally really excited to see how snowboarding is building a bigger fan base every year. It's the fans and viewership that are really exciting to see grow – we love this sport, and so do they! Each year, we see an increasing number of talented individuals emerging in Australian winter sports, captivating an expanding fan base and viewership.

I love that snow sports have a unique ability to keep spectators on the edge of their seats and what I hope for is that through this growing viewership, we'll see more and more Australians tackle the slopes world-wide! 


    As someone who deeply appreciates the beauty of nature and the outdoors, do you have any thoughts on how we can tread a bit softer while enjoying the snow season?

    Tread lightly, pick up your rubbish, and shop wisely!

    When enjoying the snow season, it's crucial to tread lightly and minimise our ecological footprint. One way is by picking up our rubbish and keeping the snow clean, ensuring that we leave no trace behind.

    Another step is to support brands that prioritise sustainability in their products. When it comes to my choices as an athlete, I focus on partnering with and choosing eco-conscious brands. Like I mentioned before, I am currently trying out the sustainable race snowboard, which utilises carbon from the atmosphere in its manufacturing process.

    Rust Bobbis

    Plus, choosing Merry People boots for their quality make and and material means my boots will last longer and are much better for the world! By aligning my choices with eco-conscious brands, I can contribute to the preservation of our natural environment - it’s the little things that can make a big difference!

    Follow along with Belle Brockhoff's adventures on our Instagram.


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