Chunky Boot Outfit Ideas: The Modern Nostalgia

Chunky Boot Outfit Ideas: The Modern Nostalgia

When we spot trends that hit all our marks, they’re impossible to resist. This is why we’ve been over the moon with our latest addition to the Merry People family - our Tully chunky heel boots. They’re versatile, stylish, and comfortable, what more could you want?

We’ve found a way to blend functional and fashion-forward style to create a trendy silhouette that is a suitable boot for all weather and occasions. Chunky boots are in style, and the Tully marries the perfect amount of heel and platform to a boot you can wear comfortably and will withstand the test of trendiness.

A Take On The Classic Gumboot

As with trying out any new style, there can be initial figuring-out-stage, leaving many asking, “How do I wear chunky boots?” or “What do I already own that I can pair with these gumboots?”

It’s true that these chunky boots add an effortless vibe to your autumn and winter outfits; a fresh take on the classic gumboot, they’re a statement piece to update your current wardrobe.

But if you’re at a loss for how to style these funky new boots, here a few ideas that we hope inspire you!

Embrace The Out-And-About Look

Fully embrace the camping-chic trend by pairing your favourite pair of Tullys with cosy knitwear for an athleisure look. We recommend chunky knitwear or oversized quarter-zip sweaters from your favourite outdoor brand. Pair with your favourite cargo pants or dress-down with yoga pants, and you’ve got a comfortable outfit to jet around town in!

If you want to upgrade your go-to ‘running errands’ ensemble, sub out the trousers and sweater for a knit midi dress or a miniskirt with a chunky knitted sweater vest.

plum tullys in the garden with fall leaves

Dress It Up!

These boots can truly pair with anything you might wear your other boots for. Cuffed 90s-fit jeans and a denim jacket? That’s effortlessly cool. Paired with a little black dress or your favourite midi dress? That adds a little bit of punk and funk to an otherwise simple outfit. The platform of the boots easily modernises any outfit you would pair with your standard ankle boots!

Go Bold With Prints

If you love to push the limits with your sense of style or disrupt expectations when it comes to what-to-wear, the Tully is your new partner-in-fashion! Our chunky-heeled Tullys add an element of surprise to your favourite patterned dresses or pants.

We’re in-between seasons, and if you’re scratching your head in the morning trying to decide if you want to be freezing on your way to work or sweating on your way home, opt for a flowy dress with socks and your Tully Boots.

We think that bold prints complement our Sunshine and Teal colours best for the vibrant fashionista. Even simple, neutral prints paired with this bold shoe are sure to make a statement.

mutliple colors of tully boots

Reinvent Chic With Knits

Pair these boots with your favourite knitwear for a timeless yet contemporary pairing. We know chunky Chelsea boots pair well with a basic trouser and oversized chunky-knit sweater, but by switching to a chunky gumboot, your style lands in fashion-forward territory.

Step Into Style With The Tully Boot

Our Tully boot is built with high-quality materials and designed for all your adventures in the city and out on the town. Our boots are 100% waterproof and vegan, and are never tested on animals or made with animal products.

Ready to try out these ideas? Check out our chunky heeled Tully Boots today!

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