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Happy Mother's Day with the Mums of Merry People!

Happy Mother's Day with the Mums of Merry People!

A Merry Mother’s Day!


Here at Merry People, we love gumboots. But one thing we love more than gumboots is our mums! So this year to celebrate Mothers Day (besides sending gumboots, cards, and flowers!) we looked at our Bobbi gumboots and thought about the ways the colours of our boots remind us of our mums.  

Our Merry People team comes from India, Ireland, the USA, the UK, the Philippines and New Zealand. With such diversity, everyone has a different memory and emotion evoked by different colours.  From green gardens to sunny dispositions, what colour reminds you of mum??

Tim, Operations, with Mum Sue

Tim and Mum

My mum is Kiwi and the Alpine Bobbi boots always make me think of the green rolling hills of New Zealand where we grew up. They are also perfect for the new farm she and my dad just moved to - I can’t wait to visit!   

Katey, Wholesale, with Mum Robin

Katey and Mum

My mom lives in the US so it has been a bit tough being unable to visit for the past year. But, whenever I see our Beetroot Bobbi boot I’m reminded of her and her amazing green thumb! She lives in Arizona and still manages to grow the most tremendous roses and, come spring, the prickly pear cactus begins to bloom in the same vibrant shade! 


Emma, Marketing, with Mum Hilary

Emma and Mum
My mum is always glass half full. She's Pollyanna and can find the silver lining in any situation. Her optimistic outlook reminds me of our Mustard Bobbi boot - always sunny!

Morgana, Customer Service, with Mum Ruth

Morgana and Mum

My mum reminds me of the Black Bobbi Boot because she is timeless, classic and always in style!


Charlie, Marketing, with Mum Lisa

Charlie & Mum

My mum reminds me of the Bobbi boot in Pear Green as she is always surrounded by nature. Whether it's gardening at home or walking in the rolling hills of the English countryside, she is always outside!


Dani, CEO & Founder, with Mum Hyacinth

Dani and Mum

My beautiful mum Hyacinth always has a positive energy and radiates warmth, joy and enthusiasm - all feelings that relate to the colour Orange (her favourite Merry People boot!) The colours also remind me of some of her Indian curries! Love you Mum!! x 


Mary, for Mama Elgie, Customer Service


As the only mum on our team, we wanted to make it a little more special.  So we asked Elgie's daughter, Mary, about what colours remind her of her mum!

My mama is a burst of colours! She can be a sunshine and lively as bee, always buzzing around; she can be a bloody beet that overflows with love and showers us with hugs and kisses; she can be a black belter to keep us in line always; and most of all, she loves greens and grows beautiful flowers to nutritious veggies and fruit trees! :)

From all of us at Merry People, wishing everyone the merriest Mother's Day!! xx 

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