Happy Father's Day with the Dads of Merry People!

Happy Father's Day with the Dads of Merry People!

Meet the Merry Dads! 

At Merry People we love adventures, but there’s one thing we love more, and that’s adventures with our dads!

Behind the people at Merry People are eight amazing dads who have helped shape us into who we are today. So to celebrate Father’s Day, we thought it would be nice to think about all the memories and adventures we’ve had with them. From annual traditions going back 25 years, to spontaneous trips across the globe, they’ve taken us everywhere! 

This year, we're sharing the dads behind the new members of the Merry People team; Mo (our Customer Service Guru and all round ray of sunshine), Charlie (our Content Coordinator and resident team photographer), Cass (our Product Designer and gumboot master) and James (our CFO, lover of spreadsheets and numbers man). Say hello to the dads of our newest recruits!


 * * *



Cass and Dad, Neale

My dad is a man who likes a plan. Tell him something you might want to do in a day and he will step it back hour by hour to the starting point of waking up. That might sound rigid but in reality it’s very fun and always leads to action packed days, you will never miss an attraction whilst traveling. My fondest childhood memories of adventure with Dad revolve around the beach, building sand castles, digging holes, collecting treasures, and endless boogie boarding, and I am loving watching him do the same with my son. 



Charlie and Dad, Michael

Adventures are common with my dad, he’s a man that likes to get outside! When I lived in England, more often than not, adventuring with my dad meant long walks through the countryside, rain or shine, and Sunday afternoons at the golf course. And when I moved to Australia, He even helped me move to the other side of the world! We adventured around Kuala Lumpur, road tripped around Tassie and then got to know my new home with trips to the Aussie Open and world-renowned Melbourne restaurants. That adventure is definitely one of my favourites! 



James and Dad, GavinDad is as authentic as they come!  He never wavers under the pressures of others and maintains his core values of generosity, selflessness and humility at all times.  He is often a calm head when you need it, a good source of advice and looks to maintain a sense of humour where possible.  We share a lot of passions including cricket, AFL, music, travelling and accounting! My fondest memories together are the weekly games at the MCG since I was 5 years old and that no matter how busy life has become, we have maintained this tradition for 25+ years.



Mo and Dad, LesGrowing up I didn’t always get along with my dad, and as it turns out that is because we are exactly the same. We are both Geminis who love spicy food, exercise and treasure fun times with family and friends. He is however more motivated than me, and it blows me away how much he has achieved in his academic career. We have a long standing tradition of pre-dawn walks (whether I want to or not), but how better to start the day than with an early workout mixed with lols, and discussion of current events! Definitely one of the things I miss most about moving interstate but we pick up where we left off whenever we are in the same city.



From all of us at Merry People, wishing you the merriest of Father's Day! xx

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