The Making of the Billie Clog

The Making of the Billie Clog

Introducing the Billie Clog! The latest addition to the Merry People product family. 

When our Head of Product, Cass, swapped her urban North Melbourne apartment for the luscious, rolling hills of South Gippsland, more came to her than just a good view! 
To hear about the story of the Billie Clog, and how it came to be, Charlie, our Content Coordinator, visited Cass at her new country home.

Cass: Last year, like many city dwellers in a covid-era, my family and I embarked on a big adventure - moving from our tiny apartment in the inner north of Melbourne to the Bass Coast in South Gippsland, which is where we now call home. 

 Cass: All of a sudden, I found myself on top of a beautiful hill surrounded by farmland, it was a big shift from the urban lifestyle I'd had for so many years!
The change in climate meant more dewy mornings and rainy days. Whilst my Bobbi boots were in higher rotation than ever before, it quickly became evident that I was missing a key piece of footwear for this lifestyle. Something I could easily slip on and off when running between inside and outside, collecting eggs, harvesting veggies, chasing my toddler.

I needed a clog!

Cass: When developing the clog, it made perfect sense to use the great bones established in our Bobbi Boot and carry it across. So I picked up one of our classic Bobbi Boots, gave it a haircut and the Billie Clog was born!


Retaining all of the familiar features you know and love, such as the waterproof natural rubber, sturdy arch support, enhanced traction sole and comfy neoprene lining, the Billie Clog is the perfect partner to the already established Bobbi and Darcy boots.

Cass: The Billie Clog fitted in perfectly to my new lifestyle and is the answer for those moments when you need something to quickly slip on and off. Perfect for popping outside to the veggie patch on a dewy morning, or running to get the washing in when the weather changes. 


It's an absolute staple at my back door! 

After showing Charlie around, nothing seemed more fitting than to finish off the day with some tea and cake overlooking those infamous rolling Gippsland hills. So they ate cake, drank tea and basked in the serenity of the countryside!


And before they knew it, the day was over, and Charlie headed back to Melbourne with a new best friend, that’s right; their name was Billie and it was a Clog! 


The ultimate slip on, slip off shoe, to wear with socks or no socks - perfect for these summer days.

Available in Alpine Green, one of our favourite core colours, it's a shoe that'll carry you between the seasons. 

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