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Kids Scavenger Hunt Giveaway!

Kids Scavenger Hunt Giveaway!

Let's go on a merry adventure! 

With the launch of our expanded kids collection, we thought it would be fun to celebrate. Which is why we’ve created the Kids Scavenger Hunt Giveaway! While this competition highlights our kids range, it's open to anyone who enjoys a merry adventure. 
You could be one of our lucky winners. So it's time for your to put your shoes on, head outside and try and find 3 things; something yellow, something pink and something blue!

~ Grand Prize ~ 

$300 Merry People voucher 

 ~ 1st Runner Up ~ 

$200 Merry People voucher

  ~ 2nd Runner Up ~ 

$100 Merry People voucher 

 Prizes will come in the form of online vouchers for you to choose your boots.

So, how do I take part? 

Step 1: 

Print off our Scavenger Hunt Kit here, put your shoes on and head outside!

If you don’t have access to a printer, don’t worry, you can absolutely still take part! Why not draw out your own table on a piece of paper or find a pot to collect your finds in.

Step 2:

Start the scavenger hunt! What colours can you find? See if you can spot something yellow, pink and blue, the shades of our new kids boots. 

Can't reach it? Or take it with you? Take a photo or draw your find instead.

Scavenger Hunt Images

Step 3:

Take a picture of your yellow, pink and blue scavenger hunt finds and upload below:

Kids Scavenger Hunt Giveaway


Step 4:

Sit back and relax! Our giveaway ends at midnight AEST on Sunday 5th September, winners will be contacted via email the next day. 

Good luck, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!



Things to note:

  • Although this giveaway is designed for kids, there’s no restrictions in age. So, if you’re looking for a lockdown weekend activity, get involved, anyone’s welcome! 
  • Sometimes it’s hard to find tangible things that you can place on a page, maybe you’ve found a blue door while walking down the road or a pink sign post, just upload photos of these instead! 
  • The scavenger hunt doesn’t need to happen outside! What items can you find in your home that are blue, yellow or pink? 
  • This giveaway is a game of chance and the winners will be drawn at random, so join in and find the colours because anyone can win.


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