Our Environmental Responsibility

At Merry People, we are committed to minimising our waste and environmental footprint. We monitor sales of all sizes and styles carefully to ensure we can properly forecast demand and produce accordingly.  While this does sometimes result in us selling out and going into pre-orders, this also means we don’t end up with wasted boots in landfills.  

As anyone who has received our boots know, we use minimal packaging and we are working to streamline this even more.  At the moment, our boot box is from Micro-Pack, LDPE Recyclable.  The boots come with one Thank You/Care card, printed double-sided on recycled paper, with information on how to keep the boots lasting for years and one tissue paper.  The boots are shipped in either a postal satchel or recycled postal box depending on where they are shipped from.  For the Australian warehouse, we are in the process of switching to compostable and biodegradable shipping satchels. Covid-19 forced us to pause this switch over, but we plan to have it up and running soon. 

* * * 

Our mission at Merry People is to craft an exceptional product and provide an experience that makes you feel inspired to be a little more adventurous in your day-to-day. This mission has not been undertaken lightly, but rather in a slow and conscientious manner that aims to do best by our community and environment.  This effort does mean that our boots are more expensive than other gumboots, but we hope you are able to wear them countless times throughout the year, lowering the price per wear and the environmental footprint.  As always, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us support@merrypeople.com.


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