Our Materials

We produce our boots using natural rubber for the outer, neoprene for the lining, and vegan glue to bind.  Our materials are sourced for us by our factory and we are in the process of mapping all Tiers of our supply chain to fully tell the story of Merry People from a design idea to your feet.

To ensure consistent quality, our boots are made from virgin natural rubber and neoprene, a process that bears its own innate costs and benefits (much like leather). Ultimately, we believe strongly that the consistent quality, longevity, and effectiveness of these materials make them the right choices for us. 

But as we grow as a brand we are exploring the potential of incorporating recycled neoprene into our design - which would likely result in some very fun limited runs of unique boots! We are also looking into using plant-based neoprene and if that can be done in a way that is still affordable for our customers.


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