The Many Marvellous Features and Benefits of the Bobbi Kids Gumboot!

The Many Marvellous Features and Benefits of the Bobbi Kids Gumboot!

Meet The Fantastic & Merry Bobbi Kids Gumboot!

As many parents know, kids like to play! Rain, shine, dust, mud, grass, dirt - the messier the better it often seems! Kids often run and skip through a field of textures - fresh cut grass, overgrown fields, leathery trees, urban playgrounds.  They climb up real hills and trek across imaginary mountains, and then run across sandy beaches and jump exuberantly into new puddles. 

We want to make it easy for the imagination to soar to these fun and merry heights!  To help kids interact with the bountiful world around them, we took our all-star Bobbi gumboot and shrunk it down to fit kids ages 1.5 - 13.  Designed with the same quality and timeless style of our adult gumboots, our Bobbi Kids wellies are built to last for boys and girls, making the Merry People kids gumboot an ideal hand me down between children.  

Keep reading to discover all the features and benefits of our Bobbi Kids Gumboots 


Just like our best-selling Bobbi boot, our Bobbi Kids Rain boot is wrapped in a 100% natural rubber outer. This ensures the boots are waterproof and ready for puddles.  It also keeps the boot flexible, allowing the shape to bend as kids move, climbing up and down trees or squatting down at the beach to investigate what wily fish are doing in tide pools.


5 Stars - The best everyday shoe We got a pair for my 6 year old in lieu of (****) hiking books. He’s a puddle jumper, trees climber, muddy kind of kiddo. The benefit of these boots is that they fit well, protect his feet, are so comfy but are waterproof so I don’t have to do any shoe scrubbing. - Emma C.

BONUS! Natural rubber is also super easy to clean! No need to through muddy sneakers in the washer, with our Bobbi Kids Gumboots you can simply wipe the mud off.  If you want to go the next step to keep them really fresh to hand down, we’ve shared a number of recommended care tips to keep you Bobbi Gumboots looking new. 

READ MORE: How to Take Care of Your Gumboots. 



Inside, the Bobbi Kids Gumboot is fully lined with neoprene, or wetsuit material. This provides cushion for puddle jumps as well as warmth when you are building snowmen during winter. 
kids playing in the garden
5 Stars - Kids love their new boots. Really happy with the quality of the Bobbi kids gumboots. They definitely look like they are going to withstand all the running, playing and puddle jumping the kids will do in them. Also happy that the kids don't look clunky when they run in them like they wood a poorer quality boot. They were very excited to get them and were adamant they were to be worn to daycare the following day. I only wish they had other colour options. Two pairs of yellow boots means the kids can't clearly identify which ones are theirs. - Kristi C.

5 Stars - The best boots ever! They have been amazing for my 2 year old. We live on a small farm and they are perfect for him to wear out in the paddock. He loves them! - Marirose A.


Because we know kids often run and play a bit more than adults, we added some additional grip and tread to get them moving easily.  The rubber tread has the same flexibility as the outer, allowing our wellies to move with you, up or down, left or right. 


5 Stars - We are 5 pairs into our Merry People Journey. We LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots. My son and I have matching pairs and I have purchased them again for him this year along with a pair for next year so he is all line up as he grows. People comment on these boots all the time, they are comfy, easy to thrown on for any occasion. His first pair he wore 70% of the year and they were still going strong till he outgrew them. - Kyrstale C.


As many parents know, many kids cherish putting their shoes on and off by themselves just like mum and dad do! We kept the simple slip-on, slip-off style in our Kids Gumboots, meaning they will be able to put these babies on all by themselves! 

5 Stars - High quality and so fun! I did buy them a little big but my son loves them and can get them on and off by himself - winning! These boots are super high quality and soft inside, really lovely to wear. Will buy again when he goes up a size! - Fiona C.


Just like our adult Bobbi wellies, our kids' rain boots  are versatile and supportive shoes that can be worn as an everyday boot year round - to daycare, in the garden with mum & dad, playing at the beach in winter, or wherever adventure leads! 

 5 Stars - Bobbi Kids Gumboot My Granddaughter wears these everyday, she absolutely loves them, even with her tutu. - Sarah C.

5 Stars - Kids Merry People Boots I almost wish we never bought them. Tommy only tastes them off for bed (he slept in them the first few nights) and to wash. He refuses to wear any other shoe! Worth every cent. - Alex D.

The Merry People kids gumboots are available to buy online only. Shop them here

Still not sure? We’ve rounded up on our blog of the many places and situations kids can wear our gumboots year round!

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Stay Merry everyone! Xx

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