Our 5 Tips to get your Merry Back!

Our 5 Tips to get your Merry Back! - Merry People

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Our 5 Tips to get your Merry Back 

At Merry People we are very  focused on embodying and promoting happiness, but we're also pretty real and know that everyday isn’t sunflowers and rainbows. Life does throw us some curveballs and sometimes they can really hurt and  flatten us for a period of time.

So we’ve put together our 5 tips to reBooting. What we do to get our Merry back when we’re down!  


  • Surround Yourself with Positive People
  • This is a big one (and why it's our number 1). Know the people around you who give you positive energy and hang out with them! Those friends that can listen to you and talk about all the reasons you’re upset without judgement, but who can also distract you and get your mind to other things, to  make you laugh again! You don’t need to be dressed up at a cocktail bar or physically see each other (as we can often be busy), it might just be a 20 minute conversation on your way home from work or a cup of tea on the couch in your trackies. 

  • Exercise + Eat Clean  (and drink plenty of H20, low booze)
  • Get your sweat on and release those endorphins! Turn on your Spotify and go for a run,  bike ride, swim, or long walk! It’s a great way to reset your mind. Pair this with eating lots of veggies,  drinking lots of water, staying low on the alcohol intake and your body (and mind) will thank you for it. Oh, but don’t cut out all your favourite snacks... it’s about moderation right? (...Dark chocolate at 9.30pm!)

  • Get Outdoors
  • At Merry People we are huge believers in the benefits of the outdoors! Grab your boots, a hat, a book and find a quiet spot outside to relax. Wake up early to watch a sunrise with your cup of tea, or grab your backpack some sandwiches and go for a wander to discover a new walking path by yourself (Or with one of your positive people.)

  • Cool down on the  social media.
  • A big ethos for us internally and in our branding is to encourage one to be their most authentic and happy self!

    Social media can be great for inspiring us with creative and interesting ideas, however it can also make us at times feel inadequate that we’re not as fun, not as pretty or not as cool as everyone else! (Which is absolutely not TRUE!)  

    Try to keep your time on social media to a minimum to give you perspective on reality. Focus on all the other things we have mentioned on this list. Know that you’re 100% unique and you can create your own pathway and it can be as crazy, weird or as basic as you want it to be...and own that!

  • Look for ways you can help people less fortunate than you.
  • When we’re down, it is very easy to feel like the world is against us.  Questioning - why is this happening to me? And then start to compare our lives to the people around us who from the outside seem to have it all! (Which might actually be a different picture from the inside.)     

    There are a lot of people out there who are going through some pretty crappy times.

    Look for ways you can give back to those people. It might be volunteering a local soup kitchen, mentoring a refugee, volunteering at the RSPCA. This can really help out your community and give some perspective of the positive things in your life. 

    If you’re going through a crappy time, we send you a big cuddle from all of us at Merry People xx

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