Merry People x Obus Collab

Merry People x Obus Collab

What about this collab is NEW for Merry People?
"We've taken the classic Bobbi Boot style and added a twist!"

Weather any storm in the limited edition Merry People x Obus rainwear collection! Designed to cover you from head-to-toe in colour and pattern.

The collaboration consists of two co-branded items, a gumboot and raincoat, featuring the beloved Obus Aerial print in a mix of earthy tones and vibrant colours.

Keep reading to find out how our founder, Dani and Obus' founder Kylie talk us through what sparked their idea for the collaboration, what's new in the drop (hint: it's a first for our design team!) and their personal tips for how to wear the rainwear pieces. 

Dani and the Obus CEO

Kylie, tell us! What sparked the idea for this collaboration? 

My partner’s parents called me to say they had a gift for me that was SO OBUS, SO PINK but SO PRACTICAL for all our outdoor adventures… and they couldn’t have been more spot on! I instantly fell in love with the Bobbi.

Dani, what made you want to collaborate with Obus after they reached out?

I have always loved Obus. Their designs are bold, timeless and (like us) they’re not afraid to play with colours. Cass (our Head of Product) and Kylie had worked together in a previous role, so when Kylie reached out to Cass initially -  it felt like a very natural partnership.

We are both local female-owned businesses in Melbourne’s inner north, but it also gave Merry People the opportunity to work with some pattern experts on our very first pattern boot. I am so proud of the products we have created and I hope our customers also love what we have created.

Obus boots on stairs

Let's talk with the pattern experts! Kylie, what was the inspiration for the print and why was it chosen for this collaboration? 

I created the AERIAL print for Obus quite a few years ago - originally it was part of our ISLANDIA collection and it was extremely popular. Aerial has been one of those special prints that has a cult-like status amongst Obus Lovers (frequently requested, and still sought after secondhand) so it felt like the perfect slice of Obus to share. It's a whole new colourway for the collab, drawing from both brands palettes... it feels super fresh!

We've dropped a few hints to this, but Dani, what about this collab is NEW for Merry People?

We've taken the classic Bobbi Boot style and added a twist! This is our first Merry People patterned boot, along with the higher raised neoprene lining. Also, while it's our second product collab, it is our first time collaborating with a local Melbourne brand (our first product collab was with Karen Walker, a New Zealand brand!).

walking with The Obus boots on

Dani and Kylie, what was the design process like? How did you collaborate and make decisions together?

Dani: It was fun! Kylie and her team were great to work with. Our first meeting we had in person was at our office in Collingwood where we got to see all the patterns Kylie had created. We spent some time  discussing how this could translate onto a boot, colours to style with and the alignment of our brands.  Kylie, Cass and I are also all mums - so it was great to chat some mum talk and share recent photos and stories! 

I think the decisions were quite easy (in my opinion.) We had 3 patterns we wanted to see on a  sample boot. Once they came in, I wore them around the office and showed the rest of my team for their feedback and together Cass and I put forward our recommendation to Kylie (which she thankfully agreed with!).

Kylie: The raincoat is a great example of how easy and organic the design process was! We all agreed a second item to round out the collab would be ace, so landed on a raincoat. It was an entirely new product development for us, (but something that had been on our radar, and often requested by Obus Lovers). It was my favourite part of the process because it's NEW! Our design aims were totally aligned here - It needed to be totally waterproof, totally practical, and environmentally made... and we are all so proud of how beautiful the final piece is!

Dani and the Obus team

Quick fire... 

What is your favourite boot design feature?

Dani: I love the raised neoprene! Something you may see more from us in the future!

Kylie: I love the colour combination we landed on for this, so many gorgeous tones to outfit with.

Would you wear the collab pieces with print? 

Dani: Absolutely. I love clashing colour and prints (when I wear them!) Maybe an oversized printed shirt with a basic t-shirt with straight jeans (or leggings in my mum wardrobe!).

Kylie: I'll be wearing mine with anything and everything from the Obus winter collection, in particular our winter Terry Print (in Lavender and Garnet) will be the perfect match! ALSO... It's pretty clear the boot and coat were MADE to be rocked together! Love a set.

Dani wearing the Obus special designed items

Have you ever gone dancing in the rain?

Dani: Of course I have! I love it. If you’re feeling a little flat, I strongly encourage you to leave your phone at home/or in the office - and just go for a walk (and maybe do a few twirls with the rain on your face) you instantly feel a sense of freedom, rejuvenation and a connection to nature. 

Kylie: Hells yeah! Dancing in the rain, Singing in the rain... Love it.

What’s your style motto? 

Dani: I try to only buy quality products I really love, that give me joy - and that I can see myself wearing in 12+ months time. Items that can be easily be dressed up or down.

Kylie: I love to mix and match... It's all in for me with feelings and memories that clothing can bring us every day. A style motto must also be conscious... so supporting small business, shopping with my values always.

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