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Introducing the Mums of Merry People!

Introducing the Mums of Merry People! - Merry People

Introducing the Mums of Merry People!

Mother’s Day Loving

Behind the team at Merry People are five amazing mums that taught us the values of Adventure, Kindness, Happiness, and Authenticity.  These values form the core of Merry People and without our wonderful mums, we would not be what we are today!

So for this Mother’s Day, we wanted to introduce you to the mums of Merry People! 

Coming from India, Ireland, the USA, the Philippines, and New Zealand, our mums each have their own story that brings our values to life every day.  They constantly inspire and encourage us to be the best versions of ourselves and make a merrier world. 

From each of us at Merry People - thank you mum, momma, Shazza, mama, and mop.  Even if we can’t be with you this year, we love you and wish you the merriest of Mother’s Days!



dani and hyacinth

Merry Person: Dani, CEO + Founder

Mum: Hyacinth a.k.a. Mum



My Mum married my Dad in India and moved to Australia in 1982. She came to Leongatha (Country Victoria, Australia) at a time when there were not many people of colour in the region. Leaving behind her family, friends, and everything she ever knew to start a life with my Dad. 

I am very proud of Mum’s resilience in following her heart and doing what she thought was right -  even though it would have been a hard journey for her at times.



My Mum is one of the kindest people I know! Despite cultural and generational differences she will always try to understand my view and has been one of my biggest supporters since I started the Merry People (along with my entire family!)  A very kind action I remember of my Mum when I was younger: If she saw anyone of colour that she had never met before, or were new to the town - she would go up to them, introduce herself and invite them to our house for dinner. She is very warm, loving, positive and accepting of all.


tim and sue

Merry Person: Tim, Operations Manager

Mum: Sue a.k.a. Shazza


My mum’s name is Sue, or more affectionately known as ’Shazza’. She is the most kind person I know and she will do anything for anyone. Her specialty is anything health related - think you are coming down with something? Don’t Google MD it, just hit up mum. Mum and her ‘therapy’ dog Jack also volunteer weekly at a dementia ward to bring some happiness into people's lives who need it which is pretty cool I think!


Her sense of adventure seems to be increasing as time goes on, mum loves travel and the outdoors. Living in NZ, there is no shortage of outdoor pursuits to keep her entertained; she has recently brought a top of the line electric mountain bike and has been tackling trails around the North Island, all with her trusty dog Jack in her backpack.


elsie and regina

Merry Person: Elgie, Customer Service

Mum: Regina a.k.a. Mama


When she was younger, our mother showed happiness in everything we did with just a nod of her head, and we knew we had her approval. She is a devout Catholic and loved dearly when all of us - her three children and our father - would go to Church every Sunday.  

As a public school elementary teacher, she has a strict aura, but she has a soft heart for her pupils who belong to the less fortunate part of society. She would prepare wonderful treats for them during Christmas time, which we happily helped her package up, to share from her pockets.


Growing up, my mother wielded the iron hand in our family and was considered a strict disciplinarian - which is a typical Filipino trait in the past. Although she was a force to reckoned with during her younger years, nowadays, she dotes on her grandchildren and spoils them to her heart’s content.




katey and robin

Merry Person: Katey, Wholesale & Marketing Coordinator

Mom: Robin a.k.a Momma


My mom shows kindness in so many ways and has embedded it in her professional career as an epidemiologist working in improving the public health of the community. At 72, she is still working hard on addressing the causes and prevention of various cancers (in particular skin cancer), including screening efforts in Navajo Nation and Hopi Reservation. Her empathy and care for people constantly inspires me!


My momma lost her father at a young age but didn’t lose her happiness or zest for life. She learned from her mom the value of family, sharing mealtimes, and focusing on a glass half full of joy and possibility. No matter where life takes us geographically, she is always there to answer the phone and encourage positive thoughts (and send me recipes!). 




emma and hilary

Merry Person: Emma, Marketing Manager

Mum: Hilary a.k.a. Mop


She’s much more adventurous than she realises! She moved from Ireland to Scotland as a teenager to train to be a nurse, which I’ve always seen as brave. Now, she’s doing all kinds of things; she hiked the 150km+ West Highland Way through Scotland, and she regularly performs on stage with her ukulele group. 


My mum has taught me to appreciate honesty and the importance of being true to yourself. She made a career change, twice, going back to school and university. It’s given me the confidence to always work hard, keep learning new things, and continually grow into who I want to be.

Stay Merry everyone! xx

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