Are Clogs Fashionable?

Are Clogs Fashionable?

Women's clogs have been worn for centuries and have perhaps seen the most transformation since their origination in the late 1300s. Crafted initially with soft wood and intended for the working class, clogs made their way up the ranks to Danish nobility in the 1500s. Today, they are a closet staple and part of the classic chef, nurse, and gardener’s uniform.

But why do chefs wear clogs? While this trendy shoe has seen its way in and out of all of our closets for many years, it hasn’t always been a career necessity. Clogs were adopted in workplaces where people spend a lot of time on their feet because they are notoriously functional and comfortable. They are also easy to slip on and off, offer the arch support for achy feet, and are perfect to throw on in a rush to run errands.

The question is: are they fashionable? Well, in the last few years, comfort and leisurewear took centre stage for major fashion brands – and clogs were seen on runways in 2021!

In this post, we’ll be exploring ways to style your clogs for a stunning, fashionable look!

multiple clogs in the garden

Clogs: Something for Everyone

At this time, ‘#Clog’ has over thirty-two million views on TikTok, and celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Jennifer Garner have been seen rocking the clog. It’s clear that the clog club is here to make an impression across multiple generations!

Let’s explore the ways you can incorporate clogs into your aesthetic.

Dressed-Down and Breezy

The boho clog was introduced in the 1970s and remains an essential part of a carefree style. Be everyone’s cool art teacher by pairing your clogs with a floor-length dress and chunky sweater, or put it together with a plain tank and colourful dungarees.

Looking for red-eye-flight casual? You can wear socks with clogs by choosing any thick, patterned sock, leggings, and oversized sweatshirt to make your clogs look like a conscious comfort choice!

Classy Casual

Clogs are a chic alternative to the heels you wear to the office. Not to mention, they’re much more comfortable than your traditional heel. Style your clogs with classy wide-leg pleated pants and your favourite blazer.

Soft Sophistication

You can romanticise your clogs into a darling date-night outfit. Neutral tones with a classic black pair of clogs add a level of sophistication to your vibe. When paired with a chunky sweater dress or off-the-shoulder summer dress, you will look both elegant and romantic.

Bold Streetwear

Whether you seek a simple pop of colour or want heads to turn when you walk by, clogs have seamlessly integrated into daring street fashion. Merry People’s clogs come in a multitude of high-impact and neutral colours!

For this type of style, you could add a bright pair of clogs to a more classic outfit for intrigue. If you want to experiment with textures, add your bold clogs to an outfit also filled with various colours and patterns.

One Foot Out the Door, Both Feet in Clogs

Clogs have evolved over time to be as diverse as any other shoe. Clogs now come in a variety of styles and aesthetics; there’s something for everyone!

If you want to step into the comfortable clog's benefits, we recommend starting with a classic, simple clog. Our Billie clogs come with a simple design and low heels, perfect to dress up or down. If you’re feeling bold, add a pop of to your wardrobe with one of our daring colours such as Chilli Red. If you prefer a hue that pairs well with everything, our classic Black & Black can tie your look together!

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