Drown The Noise with Andrea Lynett | 20 June 2017

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Giving up a career that you like; but aren't necessarily in love with, is a hard thing to do. 

Fact is, you may not have the full support or understanding of those around you when you first take that leap. Which can make the whole process that much harder.

This story rings very true for Danielle Holloway- founder of Merry People.

However, deep down she knew she was onto something with her sleek and practical gum boots - also known as rain boots in North America- and so she kept pressing forward, despite the naysayers or disbelievers. 

You see, she grew up on a farm and was used to fighting the outdoor elements and working hard for things. And so it's no shock that she created a company around a product she had no idea how to make. Challenges excite her.

However, let's get real. The road wasn't easy at the beginning. And it's all still a learning process, as she navigates the first few years of being an entrepreneur.

And although she was working in banking and had a financial/project management background, she was lacking the business skills and design process when she first started. So there was a steep learning curve.

What she did know, is that the gum boots that currently existed in the market, were clunky and didn't go well with fashion and or, were too expensive.

All she really wanted was a sleek and stylish gum boot, to wear to and from the office and that didn't take away from whatever outfit she chose.

She spent months building her business, while continuing to work full time. Collaborating with a designer friend, and sketching out the first prototype. She even bought a ticket to China by herself, in order to find the best factory to help bring her idea to life.

Danielle is positive, optimistic, driven and determined to make Merry People out of all of us - don't let the rain get you down. Embrace the elements!

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