Mens Gumboots: The Bobbi Rain Boot Style Guide for Men

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The Bobbi Rain Boot Style Guide for Men

Gumboots are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe.  Sure, it is easy enough to put together a nice outfit and accessories with sneakers or leather boots - but what do you do when the weather turns? Investing in a stylish pair of rain-ready boots will keep you looking on point all day, no matter where your journey takes you. 

But many rain boots are not designed with fashion in mind. Sure, tall boots are amazing when you are working outside and need protective footwear, but what about when you are heading to the pub with friends or camping in summer? Enter our best-selling Bobbi rain boot! 

As an ankle boot with a timeless Chelsea-style, Merry People Bobbi gumboots are perfect for guys searching for weatherproof footwear that pairs well with jeans, trousers, or even floral print shorts - as highlighted below by our Operations Manager Tim! These mens gumboots are perfect for everything from sports games, fashionable footwear, or a night out to fishing in bogs, hiking and camping, or as muck boots for the yard. Our Bobbi footwear will match your favorite clothing items and accessories.

Seamlessly merging fashion and function, the mens Bobbi ankle boot is the perfect that will keep guys looking sharp (and dry) all day whether you are working on a farm, commuting across the city, partying at an outdoor festival, or having dinner with friends. We don’t want your perfect men’s rain boot to be a one-trick pony, pulled out begrudgingly on rainy days; rather they should be boots you feel confident wearing on a normal day - wherever that takes you! 

You can shop our collection of footwear to find the perfect men's gumboot to add to your clothing wardrobe. Choosing new footwear can be a challenge, so we make the process easy by providing you with all the information and support you need. On our mens product pages, you'll find customer reviews, details about shipping and delivery, size options, and more. And if you find that your footwear isn't the right fit, you can always ship the boots back. 

For inspiration on when and where you can wear your new mens boots, keep scrolling to see the many ways and places guys have worn our Bobbi wellies!

(If you aren’t sure of your size, be sure to check out our updated Size Chart for mens sizing. Our Bobbi Boot is a unisex design and we currently fit up to a men’s AU size 13, and our gumboots will soften and stretch with wear to give a bit more space.) 

How Men Are Wearing Gumboots for Hiking, Camping, Working, Gardening, and More!

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Adonis, a farmer in Hawaii (Aina & Co Supply), wears his Bobbi Gumboots in Black with cargo pants to work outside on dusty days.



Likewise, Ben at Quamby Farms in Victoria, wears his Merry People Bobbi gumboots in Alpine Green with shorts for harvesting potatoes in late summer.


Heading across the world, Xavier, a photographer at @oddsockssociety, found his Bobbi Gumboots in Black perfect for exploring the natural beauty of Iceland. The ankle boot design works great with slim jeans for dinner in Reykajvik and then for staying dry to explore Skógafoss Falls.

Xavier in Iceland in his Merry People boots


Similar to Xavier, Mitch in Washington State also found his Bobbi Gumboots in Black perfect for looking sharp and staying dry during an autumn beach cleanup on the Pacific coast.

Mitch in Washington Coast Cleanup

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Really highlighting the versatility and unisex design of our waterproof gumboots, Merry People founder Dani and her boyfriend Nick, the co-founder of HoMie Melbourne, wore matching Bobbi ankle gumboots to celebrate moving into their new home.



Our Ops Manager Tim is no stranger to the many ways to wear Merry People Bobbi gumboots! Here he is wearing gumboots to the Merry People Christmas party with a truly spectacular matching floral short set that would not look out of place as a music festival!

Tim in floral shorts with Merry People Bobbi Gumboots in Beetroot Red & Light Pink


Then here he wearing the Bobbi Gumboots in Black for motorbike adventures with his girlfriend (who is wearing our Bobbi Mustard Yellow ankle gumboots).

Tim's motorbike adventures


… and Tim again! This time in a more office-ready outfit and celebrating the arrival of the weekend on the walk home.  Shown here with our Bobbi Gumboots in Alpine Green & Black and our Merry People x BLUNT umbrella!

Tim and BLUNT umbrella

Lastly, we didn’t forget about the little men! Our Bobbi Kids gumboots are perfect for kids to get out and play with Dad.

(Photo from a lovely customer! We love seeing your images, please feel free to always share with us on Facebook, Instagram, email or even via our chat.)

Dad and son posing with Merry People gumboots


Stay Merry everyone!! xx

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