Merry People x Karen Walker: Mornington Peninsula Day Trip

Merry People x Karen Walker: Mornington Peninsula Day Trip

With all collaborations, it’s about two designers, or brands, coming together to create something meaningful. We’ve done just that with our limited edition Merry People x Karen Walker Bobbi boot. With all the features you know and love, it’s our iconic Bobbi Boot with a Karen Walker twist, one that combines a classic design and a sense of adventure all into one!

As well as teaming up to create beautiful products, collaborations are a great opportunity to form new relationships. During most of the planning process of our collaboration with Karen Walker, international travel was heavily restricted, meaning we didn’t have the opportunity to get together in person as much as we would have liked. We thought about what we’d do if we could have gotten together in person, and decided it would have been amazing to share each other’s founder stories, while exploring the cities and towns in which both brands began. Being two female founders, there are certainly some parallels between each other’s journeys. 

For Merry People, the Mornington Peninsula has been a big part of the story, and it’s where things really took off for our brand. It’s the place where Dani started working monthly markets, developed the merry community and pivoted the brand from a working idea into a real business. So it seemed only natural to start there.  

Dani drawing on the map

Dani leaving the house

green boots in the house

To tell our story, and harnessing both brands’ sense of adventure, we made our way down the Mornington Peninsula, visiting some of the spots that have played a part in the early days of Merry People.  

So grab your boots and come on a day trip with us! 


Our first stop was at the place where it all began! The infamous Emu Plains Market in Balnarring. Hosted by the Balnarring Racecourse, Emu Plains is a patch of Australian bush filled with tall stringy bark gum trees and native animals. It’s also said that emus once ran on the Balnarring plains, giving the area its name! 

Emu Plains holds a monthly market which showcases local creators from the area. This is where Merry People had their first regular market stall outside of the city. It was also where Merry People started to develop a following, and where Dani found and developed her community. Dani would set up her stall and meet merry customers all day long!

Dani beside a sign

Dani in the forest

green boots on a log


Next we made our way to Somers Beach - a vast and beautiful beach on the eastern side of the peninsula. Usually filled with stormy large waves, on this particular day the ocean was totally calm, offering sweeping views of neighbouring Phillip Island - another tourist spot located at the entrance to Gippsland; Dani’s home! 

Peaceful Somers Beach used to be Dani’s spot to unwind after a busy day of market hustle and is a beautiful place to stop and slow down. It was also the location of Merry People’s first photoshoot, many years ago!



It was time for lunch! There’s no better place to stop than Merricks General Wine Store, who is also a Merry People stockist during the winter season. 

Showcasing some of the peninsula’s finest produce, Merricks General Wine Store stocks local products, wine and art. You can also take some time to relax on their verandah with a glass of local wine and fresh plate of food - which is exactly what we did! 

Local food, cooked to perfection, it really is the peninsula’s little slice of heaven.

Dani entering the restraunt

Dani portrait in the forest

Dani looking around the place


It wouldn’t be a day on the peninsula without a stop off at one of the wineries. 

We finished our day at Quealy Wines, one of the oldest in the business. This wife and husband duo have really made a name for themselves and are true pioneers of the wine scene down in the peninsula. The casual setting and down to earth approach makes it a lovely, authentic place to taste some of what the peninsula has to offer. 

Dani drinking

green boots on the beach

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