Boots With Arch Support

Boots With Arch Support

Whether you’re leaping over puddles to catch a cab or chasing your little one around the garden, your feet get you where you need to go. When you feel comfortable in your shoes, it makes jumping into the next adventure easy.

High arches and flat feet can both cause plantar fasciitis, which means that the tissue connecting your heel to your toes is irritated and inflamed. This band is what creates the arch in your foot and acts as a ‘shock absorber’ as you walk or run. When this band is overstretched, it can make doing your favourite activities a little more challenging – and painful!

This is why it’s important to find ankle boots which support your arches. While there are plenty of cool shoes with arch support out there, sometimes, you need a partner-in-adventure that is durable, weather-proof, and supportive. Enter, rubber boots… with arch support!

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of finding the right pair of boots with arch support, whether you can put insoles in rubber boots, and what the best boots for your feet might be.

What Is Arch Support?

Arch support can be any insert or orthotic device in your shoe that supports the arch of your foot. This footwear technology can reduce or eliminate any pain you might feel as you walk, dance, or anything else that gets you up and moving.

Arch support doesn’t only affect how the bottom of your feet feel – it can transform the way you move! If you’re experiencing pain in your feet, back, or knees, it could be because your arches aren’t receiving that critical support they need.

You may be here trying to find the right footwear that either comes with built-in arch support or removable insoles that allow you to insert an arch support insole or device. You know that with the right gear for your feet, you’ll get back to the activities you love more easily!

Benefits of Wearing Boots With Arch Support

There are several benefits to wearing boots with arch support, even if you aren’t currently experiencing pain when walking or running. Footwear with arch support can:

  • Evenly distribute pressure across your foot
  • Provide additional stability and balance
  • Reduce and prevent pain
  • Align your body up the kinetic chain (the joints and muscles that work
  • together to perform movement)
  • Prevent your arches from harm

It doesn’t matter if your feet start to ache after a few minutes at the shop or if you can run laps around your neighbourhood pain-free – the right arch supports can provide relief and prevent discomfort in the future.

Boots with arch support

How to Find the Right Arch Support

Finding the right supports for your arches can be tricky, but it truly comes down to your needs and your type of arch.

The Different Arch Types

There are three main types of arches, and they all vary with how they feel and support you as you move.

  • Flat arches: When you walk in the sand, do your footprints have no ‘instep’ or appear incomplete? This may indicate a flat or fallen arch, which can be caused by excessively rolling your foot inward. This type of arch can cause pain in the ankles, knees, and hips.
  • Normal arches: These arches will support your body and weight while possibly rolling inward slightly as you move. Shoes with ‘neutral’ insoles are completely suitable for these arches, but boots with arch support can help maintain their form and prevent straining the arch.
  • High arches: When you have high arches, you may experience muscle pain or joint tension up your kinetic chain as well as your feet. This is because it can be more difficult for your feet to absorb shock effectively, resulting in your feet feeling tired more quickly. Additional arch support can help support the arch and your muscles and joints.

If you are experiencing pain in your arches or are looking to prevent pain and plantar fasciitis, consult with your podiatrist or general practitioner to determine what type of arch support works best for your feet.

Boots Built for Support

At Merry People, we build our boots to move with you in every season. Made with durable materials and with timeless style, all of our boots come with built-in arch support and comfortable neoprene lining so your feet always feel ready to adventure.

We know perfect footwear isn’t ‘one size fits all,’ which is why our boots come with removable insoles. If you find your favourite gumboots aren’t providing the support you need anymore, simply remove the insole and insert your own custom insole to get the most out of your boots!

Ready to find your perfect fit? Explore our range of boots with inbuilt arch support!

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