How to Make a S'more

How to Make a Proper S’more


Planning an indoor campout or just craving toasted marshmallows? The American on our team, Katey, felt very strongly about the art of s'mores and has prepared this small essay.  Enjoy!

* * * 

Like all grand culinary dishes, the recipe starts with quality ingredients. 

  • Marshmallows:  No piddly little marshmallows - you need big, fluffy, fresh marshmallows.  They should resemble glorious little clouds of hope and love.  The mere sight of them should inspire you. Many Coles/IGA/Woolies have an American section; otherwise, there are US food shops online that deliver nationwide. Do not, for the love of s’mores, get the pink marshmallows (unless that is your thing).  
  • Graham Crackers (pronounced “gram”, not “gra-ham”): I concede this is a tough one as graham crackers aren’t readily available in Australia. BUT, if you are already ordering fluffy dream clouds online, add in a box of graham crackers - your taste buds will thank you later.  
If you can’t find them anyone but aren’t willing to settle, I found a recipe online.  Full disclosure, I haven’t tried this yet, so if you do, please send me a note and let me know how it goes! 
Otherwise, the 3rd best thing is an Australian substitute: Arnotts Granita, Arnotts Shredded Wheatmeal, or Plain Digestives.  These have a slightly different flavour profile, but will do in a pinch
  • Chocolate: The traditional choice is Hershey’s as it breaks into ready cubes, but any block chocolate will work.  Personally, I’m not a fan of milk chocolate, so my go-to is Lindt dark chocolate bars.  Thinner is better as you will want the chocolate to melt and warm up a bit from the toasted marshmallow. 



Prep your space.

Place ½ a graham cracker (2 quarters) on a plate.

Top with chocolate squares

Gently stick a skewer through the middle of the marshmallow.  Do not just jam it in and ruin the structural integrity of the cloud; rather slowly and carefully insert it so it keeps its shape. Ideally, you have a reusable metal skewer - but a wooden skewer or small branch will work in a pinch.

Advanced Technique!  The “Dirty Pillow” - insert the chocolate in the marshmallow before roasting to get hot gooey chocolate. 



      Turn on the stovetop to a heat that gives you a nice flame.  If you do not have a gas stovetop or a portable gas camp cooker, then the only option (under supervision) is to use a lighter. A long lighter will work much better than a small one.

      This is where things get tricky.  Go too close and the sugar will ignite and you will get a blackened ball of marshmallow goo (which is delicious in its own way); but stray too far and the marshmallow will never toast.  I recommend patience and let the flame gently kiss the edge of the marshmallow until it begins to simmer and sizzle, and a nice light pale brown bubbles begin to form.  From there, slowly rotate and repeat around the entirety of the marshmallow.  

      Once the marshmallow is a nice shade of brown, quickly rotate it around a few times to make sure it is warm before removing and placing onto the chocolate and cracker. Then smoosh both sides together and enjoy!


      Eat & Repeat.

      Personally, the most important part of s'mores eating is to come back for seconds, thirds, and maybe fourths. 


      (Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash)