Our Production

To ensure Merry People products are long-lived wardrobe staples, we work with one of the top production factories for footwear to fabricate our boots.  It is a family-run factory in China with whom we have built a close relationship. Through their robust supplier network, we have been able to source high-quality natural rubber, neoprene, and vegan glue to craft our Merry People boots. All our materials are certified vegan friendly. 

This factory is considered one of the preeminent manufacturers for rubber boots, producing for many of the top brands, and we are honoured that they agreed to take us on - especially when we were a fledgling brand in 2014.

To this day, we work closely with them and our agent, communicating regularly to ensure employees are paid a living wage and have a safe and healthy work environment. Beyond business, we consider them friends, and you can see more on our Blog from when our founder Dani went to their son’s wedding.


We have been asked before about why we don’t produce in Australia.  The reason is two-fold:

First, we did try! When we were first getting started, we sought out the Australian boot manufacturers certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.  Some factories never replied to our enquiries while others declined. The reasons for saying no included being at capacity and unable to take on new brands; not having the equipment necessary to produce our designs; not having size and scale to produce our boots in quantity; or they were dedicated in-house production facilities for specific brands. 

Second, tied into the above issues is the reality that like with many industries, Australian production has mostly shifted off-shore, making on-shore options expensive. As a startup, our budget was limited and we were unable to build our own production facility or purchase the necessary equipment to adapt existing facilities.  Accordingly, we looked abroad and were lucky to find our current factory. 


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