Looking After your Merry Boots!

Looking After your Merry Boots!

Our boots are high quality and durable gumboots that will remain in good condition over time. However, to ensure you maximise the number of Merry Adventures you partake in we’ve put together some care instructions for you.


We recommend you leave your boots indoors, so they’re not exposed to direct sunlight all of the time. Natural rubber is a softer material (and we have dyed the rubber from its natural state), so storing them inside will ensure your boots do not fade or crack over time.


To keep your boots clean, wipe them down with a cloth and warm water.  You can clean the neoprene lining on the bobbi boot with a mild soap, warm water and a cloth. Baby wipes are also really effective! (You can scrub the pink neoprene on the beetroot boots with some soap and a tough textured cloth). 

Careful use

Our gumboots are designed to be a fashionable lifestyle boot - to ensure comfort and style they do not have a super thick thread. The rubber may be slippery on particular surfaces, for example polished concrete, ice & wet wood - so please take care. You can purchase a product called ’traction spray’ (from your local hardware store) if you require more grip on your boots. 

Blooming gumboots

In the unlikely circumstance that your gumboots bloom i.e. have the appearance of white chalky marks; a quick and easy solution is applying a generous amount of dishwashing liquid to your boots and leaving them overnight. Repeat this twice and the marks should disappear. This can happen to natural rubber material. Natural rubber is elastic, flexible and waterproof however needs that little bit of extra care.  If the marks do not disappear please don’t hesitate to contact our support team: support@merrypeople.com. 

Removing your Boots

We recommend that you use your hands or a shoe horn when removing your ROSEY boots. This will help to avoid putting continual pressure on the sole of the shoe. 

If something does happen to your boots that you  think might be our manufacturing fault. We want to hear about it. Send to us at support@merrypeople.com

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